Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Orleans Saints and dreaming .....

Hello. It's Lenora. 106 million people watched the New Orleans Saints win the Super Bowl. And what a win it was. In order to understand the magnitude of this win, you'd need to understand the history of the Saints and how they almost left Louisiana right before Hurrican Katrina hit. Their owner wanted a new stadium but Louisiana wasn't quite ready to pay for that. Things looked bad for a while and then Katrina hit and things went from bad to worse when the Superdome became a symbol of devastation and dismay. We didn't get a new Superdome exactly, but we did get a remodeled, rebuilt Superdome and after some tough negotiations, the Saints came marching home. Then Drew Brees took a chance and followed them.

It's the stuff of legends, a magical season of excitement and hope in the hearts of fans who needed something to cling to, something to hold onto when the world looked so bleak just outside their doors. New Orleans is a city of mystery and magic anyway, with one foot in the fire and one hand knocking on heaven's door. The city is a mixture of sinners and saints, that's for sure. But after the storms, it also became a city that truly was almost forgotten. Then something changed. The Saints started winning football games and New Orleans got a new attitude and a new breath of life. So if everyone out there will allow the state of Louisiana, known for being on so many "worst" lists, to enjoy being on a NUMBER ONE list, we'd appreciate the love, brothers and sisters. We are so thankful for the Saints, for Drew Brees, for Tracy Porter, Jeremy Shockey, Reggie Bush and Garrett Hartley. And the whole team of players with big hearts and big determination. This is all about redemption and hope, things we love to write about in our love stories. This is a love story--love for a team and a city. Even if you don't get football, we can all agree on that. It's nice to win. It's nice to smile and hug a friend and to dance around the room in glee as you watch a saint coming into his victory, carrying a flag of forgiveness and hope and redemption and salvation. Sure it's just a game, but this particular game was important to the state of Louisiana. And sometimes hope comes in the least expected forms--touchdowns, punts, field goals and interceptions--in a game or in life itself.Okay, back to writing my stories. I think I have a new one in mind.


  1. I haven't lived in LA for 20+yrs, but there's nowhere like New Orleans. Even though my childhood home still stands, gutted & bruised & next to slabs where old friends' homes were demolished, others' homes marked with the black 'X' for demo, N.O. is always home to my heart. It was such a joyous victory Sunday! When you've been beaten down & derided for 43yrs, the redemption is that much more sweet. Yay Sean Payton & Geaux Saints!

  2. Lenora,
    I'm not even a football fan and I was happy to see New Orleans win.
    I've visited that city twice and love it. What amazing food!
    Sometimes like the phoenix cities and people must go through the fire to be reborn!

  3. I hate football but hubby loves it and was pulling for La, because they had never won a super bowl

    my past time is on the internet while he watched sports and then I go to bed and read a good book

    I follow you on google



  4. Thanks to everyone for the nice comments. We're all still excited down here event though it might snow here later in the week. Something else exciting--either good or bad, depending on how much we get. Stay inside and warm, Lyn.
    Edna, thanks for your support. We appreciate you so much!


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