Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Olympics-Running the Race

Hi, Terri Reed here, I was watching the men's downhill skiing last night and I was struck by the speed, agility and determination of the skiers. My heart pumped with adrenaline as the skiers raced between the blue lines, taking the curves at breakneck speeds, gilding over the jumps with lethal grace and sliding across the finish line where then they had to quickly slow down and finally stop with a flurry of snow shooting from their skies.

The final results were:

1. Didier Defago 1:54.31 Swiss
2. Aksel Svindal 1:54.38 Nor
3. Bode Miller 1:54.40 USA

As I was watching the race this scripture came to mind: Hebrew 12:1-2.
The Christian life is often compared to a race. With the same speed, agility and determination, we must run the race of faith, keeping our eyes on Jesus and not looking to those around us. I don't think Jesus cares where we place or what our run time is, He just loves us and wants to see us finish.


  1. Terri, I've really been inspired by the athletes the last few days, too!

  2. Very well said Ladies.All of us have been inspired the same way that the apostle Paul was by the
    discipline and skills of the athletes.You would be surprised of how many metaphors that there are in the Bible referring to the Olympic Games.As Christians,we are the Spiritual Olympians going for gold.
    You can read all about it in my book:The Christian Olympics-Going for the Gold Crowns.

    I hope to meet everyone at the Reward Ceremony.
    Until then,let's keep running until we reach the finish line.


  3. S.E., your book sounds very interesting. I'll have to look for it.
    Thank you for stopping by.


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