Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Go Saints!!

This is Margaret here. I know that Lenora wrote about the Saints winning the Super Bowl, too, this week, but I can't resist doing the same because this was a long time coming for the Saints fans. I grew up in Biloxi and the Saints were the closest pro football team for us. My mother and stepfather weren't big into sports and football, but they loved following the Saints team. I'm only sorry they aren't here to finally see their team win the Super Bowl. They used to go to New Orleans to watch the game--this isn't something they did for other sports or teams. But there was just something about the Saints that pulled them in. Thank you Saints for giving my mother and stepfather such joy. I'm tickled that you finally played and won the Super Bowl. I know New Orleans needed the boost after all they have endured in the past years.

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  1. Margaret, that is such a nice post. Thank you. We're all still very proud around here. And we've heard so many "Saints" stories about the fans and how we've all held on for a long time. It truly is a story for the ages.


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