Friday, July 29, 2011

Ask Elnora--about who we are????Lenora Worth

Hello, people. That song by WHO is playing in my brain. "Who are you?" Elnora loves surprises. The good kind, mostly. I love getting presents. For a long time (actually most of my life) I (and probably everyone who knew me) thought Elnora was a bit self-absorbed and frivolous. But then in church I learned all about love language and the gifts of the spirit. And suddenly I understood what I was all about. It's not all about me-Elnora--but what I love most in life is quality time with those I love. So yes, this means I like to get my people together in one place for fun and conversation and cheesecake and ice cream. I love the surprise of havimg people I care about e-mailing me, or texting me, or writing me letters or coming to visit me.

I love to share my adventures with my people--so even when it seems it is all about me--which usually my adventures are, of course--it's more about the fun of sharing the adventure with someone else. You know, "Let me tell you what happened to me the other day!" And then I'm off and running.

I think this is why I became a writer. I love to tell stories. I love the surprises that pop up in my stories even when I'm writing them. I love that quality time I get to spend each day with words, with creating words and making them into a story that people actually read. Being a writer means I get to spend quality time with every person who picks up one of my books.

So it's not all about me--but it sure is all about being surrounded by people who appreciate me for who I am. Quality time--it's a love language and gift I can live with. And discovering this has changed the way I think about life. (The picture above was taken by my daughter. A lovely surprise that I enjoyed seeing.)

So let's discuss surprises and quality time and ... the things that shape us as humans. What's that all about, anyway???


  1. Both of my children took the class on the love languages before they got married. I think it's saved them a lot of misunderstanding. Me, well, I didn't take the class, but discovered my husband and I didn't speak the same love language early on. When I realized how he showed his love, my life became a lot easier.

  2. Yes!! It explains so much. Men and women really can communicate. Isn't that a relief??

  3. I loved the Love Languages book! It truly is life changing. Now instead of writing me love notes, my husband empties the dishwasher. :)

    I'm serious! And I love him all the more for it!

  4. Thats so cool Missy. wish I had someone to do my dishes but alas they sit there waiting for me.

  5. Missy, I love that kind of stuff, too. Big Daddy vaccums and loads the dishwasher. And washes his own clothes.!! What more could a girl ask?

  6. Jenny, wish I could send you a cabana boy to wash those dishes!!

  7. I'm very loud and my husband very silent. I'm all for cuddles and constant "I Love You" in every oportunity, dear husband is quite the opposite but if I "listen" with the heart I realise that he is louder and more frequent in his I love You(s). (even in those surprises like ordering a book through internet I really didn't want LOL man and their surprises ahahah)

    In the beggining of our wedding it was difficult - how I would love to have Leann as a Mother back then - but with time we learn to listen and watch with the heart and that makes us more generous with ourselves and others.

    Glad I had walked that way when kids were born as I was prepared for them to be different and unique and love them and feel loved by them for it.

    Blessed is the world with so many different and unique people; those who want to design a society that fit their whims end up loosing so much of its best asset - Diversity!

    Wishing you all a nice weekend!

  8. Teresa, that's wonderful. Thanks for sharing.


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