Monday, July 25, 2011

A Lousy Typist by Leann Harris

I was away from home for the month of June and most of July, but when you have a book due, you write no matter what. I took my notebook computer with me. It is a nifty little computer, but the keyboard is small, and if you can't type worth spit to begin with then you got a problem. I spent most of my time either hitting the backspace key or hitting the dash key, which was located by the backspace key.

And then the cursor kept jumping on me. I'd be typing a sentence, then suddenly my cursor be 4 lines above in the middle of a word, so I hit the left curve arrow to undo. My typing speed must've been 5 wpm. Yet, in spite of all these obstacles, I almost finished my book. Of course, I gave myself food poisoning and that did slow down my production for a couple of days. My birthday being one of those days. The day wasn't bad enough, me going from one decade to another, but my stomach was in no condition to enjoy going out.

I guess my tirade is just to say, when you're a professional writer, you've got to write, no matter what.

P.S. Since I missed my flowers blooming in June, my hubby took photos of them. Enjoy.


  1. I posted this last night at 12:30 am. Blogger is still cranky.

  2. Leann,
    I completely understand about the typing thing. I use my laptop when I'm away, and I'm always hitting the wrong key and having the cursor do unplanned things. I'm a slow thinker as well as a slow writer. And my mind wanders. How do I ever finish a book?

  3. Leann, your flowers are beautiful!

  4. Oh I feel sorry for you with the food poisoning and on your birthday. I had it this year twice one way worse than the other and really feel for you. I hate when the curser does its on thing or hitting wrong letters. add to that sticking letters!


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