Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New additions to my family

Kim Watters here. Today I wanted to introduce the newest members of my family. Yes, folks, we rescued not one, not two, but three sibling kitties from the pound. Aren't they cute? And cuddily. And very energetic. I get tired just looking their antics, but they do keep me on my toes and laughing. It's a distraction to my writing, but hey, one of these days, I'll be able to work them into one of my stories.

I forgot what kittens were like though. Just like babies, they are into everything. We also discovered my daughter is allergic to them. Now being of sound mind and body, what did we do? No, we did not get rid of them. I did some internet research. I love the internet, (couldn't write half my books without it) and discovered they make a cat shampoo that will eliminate the allergy. It's not just the dander folks, its also the saliva when they bathe. And it worked.

So drumroll please.....

Figaro, the black cat is mine.

Mayley, the siamese mix is my daughter's,

and Lego, the orange tabby is my son's.

So whenever you need a kitten fix, just give me a hollar. And look for some of their antics coming to book near you soon.


  1. Oh, Kim I'm so happy you didn't have to get rid of the brats.

    They're so lovely.

    And there are studies - I've read about dogs but wouldn't be surprised if there was a similar one about Cats - that prove that sometimes with keeping the animal the alergic person overcomes the allergy...

    Isn't there an old saying "treating the dog bite with the dog's hair" or something?

    They look absolutely adorable, I can imagine the excitement in your Home and Oh boy do I look forward to read the stories around your Tree next Christmas ;).

    Enjoy! I so wanted to have a cat to curl with but my sociopath dogs absolutely hate cats, so I'm afraid of even bringing one small one to the house and have them threatening it...

    Take Care,

  2. Kim!
    When I was at your house two weeks ago, there were two cats. Two. How many will be there next time?

  3. I love kitties. I have one big one--no longer a kitten, but every once in a while he'll show a little of his "kitten" self. My daughter was also allergic to cats, but the doc said as long as we kept them out of her bedroom, she should be okay. I hadn't heard of the shampoo.

  4. Teresa,
    We had a dog that I thought would probably eat a cat if we brought one home, but surprisingly when we did get a kitten, he took one sniff and walked away. We eventually got two more cats, and the dog and cats slept together.

  5. Oh, they're so sweet!! I had no idea about the shampoo. thanks for that tidbit!

    Teresa, my dogs and cat can't stand each other. It leads to lots of chasing and hissing! :)

  6. Thanks for stopping by Theresa. I do hope that my daughter does overcome her allergies. She loves her Mayley.Yikes. It's been so long since I've had a cat, I hadn't thought about the Christmas tree! One year when I let my kids decorate the tree, all the ornaments were on teh bootom because they were so small. this year I'm imagining all the ornaments on the top to keep them safe. We had a dog like that too, but my former husband kept him, freeing us up for the kittens.

    Um, Pam, well when I went back the Petsmart, no one had adopted Figaro, the last sibling, so I just had to have another black cat! Gives you another reason to come visit me. :) Shouldn't be anymore cause the rest of the brood is gone.

    Hey Merrilee, a friend of mine tipped my on to it. Just google cat allergy shampoo and you'll find the stuff.

    Hi Missy. Never a dull moment in your house, I'm sure.

    Thanks for stopping by everyone.

  7. Oh they are so cute. Lego is so sweet.
    Im glad you didn't have to get rid of the kittens thought you may have to give away your daughter.
    I have heard its not the hair but the saliva that is the issue with allergies.
    Wait till they start climbing the curtains!

  8. Aren't they adorable? Looks like little Mayley's showing some attitude! ;)

  9. Thanks for the reminder about the curtains AusJenny! Just another reason to put off getting them. Right now I've wrapped up all the blinds cords because they keep playing with them. An no, never thought about getting rid of any of the two or four legged creatures. :) And yes, Jenny Mayley does have attitude, but Lego is by far the more dominant of the three. Thanks lyn. Hopefully they'll be a s sweet when they get older. And settle down a bit. They kept me up last night and distracted my from writing this morning! Thaks for stopping by ladies.

  10. Oh Kim! Your furry babies are absolutely precious! And I love those names too. Your Figaro reminds me of my Moses! How wonderful you all adopted 3 siblings - - I think kitties are much happier when they have companions (says the lady with 7 cats, LOL). Blessings, Patti Jo :)


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