Thursday, July 7, 2011

Leigh Bale Gets a New Baby!

No, I didn't have a new baby. I'm too old. Just ask my married children. And no, I didn't get a new grandbaby, which I would dearly love. But I did get my hubby a new puppy for Father's Day. He was raised with dachshunds. And in the thirty years we've been married, we've owned two long-haired, miniature dachshunds too. Well, my husband's dear friend we called Didi died this past winter and broke our hearts. With our daughter getting married, we have officially become "empty nesters." It didn't last long. My husband has been missing the cuddling of a dog in the evening. He'd dropped a number of hints about getting another puppy, but he knows I always take the brunt of care and training of any new dog, so he waited and didn't push. And dropped a few more hints. :)

My husband has named our new addition Sophie. The name fits her. She doesn't lick, has become my little garden buddy, takes instructions very well, is intelligent, gentle, and NOT hyper! (That's a big plus, right!?!)

Sophie curls up in my lap or at my feet when I'm working on my new book titled The Forest Ranger's Husband, to be released in November 2010. When I need inspiration, I play with Sophie for awhile. Everything in the world seems so easy from a dog's point of view. Sophie's beautiful brown eyes are so trusting. She's brought a sweet spirit into our home.

What about you? Do you have a special pet who brings out the best in you? A sweet animal friend who loves you unconditionally and never holds a grudge? If you're so lucky, then enjoy them! (Oh, and I love my kids, too. :)


  1. I've been dropping hints about getting a dog, and arg, I know the care with fall to me.

    BTW, what year is the book to be released LOL. I'm thinking 2010 is a bit retro.

  2. Oh, my goodness! The book will be out THIS November 2011. Can you tell I just got my daughter married off within the last couple of weeks? I'm still in that crazy Mother of the Bride mode. :)

  3. Sophie looks adorable. Give her a hug from Lyn.

  4. What a sweet, beautiful baby!! Enjoy! I love my doggies almost like children. :)

  5. I miss my cat its been about 5 years or so now but I do miss having a cat. Horse loved me and was cute use to love being with me and was so sweet. I am not sure if I could have one here it would be hard if it was a scratcher as there are antiques in this house that dont belong to me and the other issue I am on a main road and some cats dont have much road sense.

  6. Congratulations on the new puppy, Leigh.
    We have three dogs and we can't resist the sweetness and loving vibes that a puppy brings to our home.
    Now I had to draw the limit at three or I guess my daughter would keep on bringing them home and I would keep not resisting them LOL
    My daughter always saw dogs as humans and I remember her being very small, seeing a dog in the street and asking what was he doing there, where was his mother etc. After a while I started to make up stories telling her he was waiting for the dogs' school bus, that his mom went to a store and he was waiting...
    Each have their own personality - the two eldest are poodles and the younger one a pincher - but it never ceases to amaze me - and wonder - how they give back everything you give them - the tenderness, the playfulness, the respect...
    Wishing you a happy and joyful life together, Leigh! An really looking forward for your book...


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