Friday, July 1, 2011

Darlings, I’m typing this in hopes it reaches you. Elnora has had an exciting week in NY. I’ll write more next week. This is the short version..
Drove through Lincoln Tunnel. Got caught in a festival. Found hotel. Lovely. Found room. Lovely.
Had a great sightseeing day with Big Daddy. Walked all over town. Came back to get ready for dinner with my editor and slipped on wet spot in bathroom and hit my little head on the big vanity. Ouch.
Nice EMTs come. Bomb scare in Times Square. No way to get me out of building. Roads blocked. Finally they bandage my bleeding temple and wheel me on a gurney through Times Square. Lovely views of the city from the ambulance. Nice hospital. EMT looks like Danny Glover. All is well. No stitches. No concussion. I have a nice shiner and they glued me back together.
More next week…..
Elnora loves NY!!!!


  1. Tell me you're kidding, Lenora! If this is true, it's an echo of last year when you had a rough conference. Hugs and more hugs,

  2. Oh, Lenora! Only you could make such an aweful experience into a funny blog post. Hugs and have a chocolate martini on me.

  3. Oh, my! And she wasn't even dancing at the Hlqn party at the time. Elnora, darling, now you know why our characters in LIs never get to take showers!

    Seriously, love and prayers,

  4. Hi Elnora:

    You now know how to have your heroine meet the handsome EMT hero in NYC. Sights, sounds, smells, the works!

    If you get a chance, late at night, you might want to watch the movie, “The Out of Towners”. I think it is the funniest movie about NYC.

    BTW: I was born in NY!

    Be safe for the rest of the trip and take it easy.


  5. Oh, Vince, you are too funny and think like a writer. I'm sorry Lenora about bumping your head. Did big Daddy need the EMS, too, for a heart attack?

  6. It really did happen on our second night there. I was supposed to have dinner with my agent. Instead I had a nice ride in the ambulance with Big Daddy. I looked like Hannibal Lector with all of my bandages. More later. I'm in Times Square and it us packed. I'm fine. Just a nice bruise and a cut. And bruised knees. But I will give a conference update later.

  7. Ouch to the fall. not a great thing to happen but seems like you are having a great time.

  8. Lenora was a real trooper! She had a goose egg on the side of her face and a cut too but she looked as spunky and beautiful as ever!
    And ohhhh so elegant at the Harlequin party in her black dress and pearls!

  9. I still wish I could have been there to see the ride through Times Square! Of course, Lenora looked beautiful even with the "glued" wound. :)

    I'm with Vince. The first thing I thought of was what a great story idea it would be. :)

  10. Thanks!y'all are so sweet. My jaw hurt from smiling and that spot is still tender even now. But I'm good. I have very hard head!!


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