Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Mystery Adventure

Summers fly by so quickly. I hate how fast they vanish. I often think I’ll have more time in the summer to spend with my grandchildren and then, POOF, they are back in school. This year I was determined not to think about making time but to actually make it. Thus was born our mystery adventures.

A mystery adventure is one trip every week where Grandma Pat picks you up for the day and doesn’t tell you where you’re going. Yesterday, our mystery adventure was to a local hobby store for cake decorating supplies.

My ten-year-old granddaughter’s favorite TV show happens to be about cake decorating. When I told her what I had planned, she squealed, “Can we use Fondant?” I said yes and she actually jumped for joy. Who knew?

I thought the sugar high came AFTER eating the cake.

I confess that I have never done more that slap frosting from Betty Crocker’s cans onto a cake and called it good. My local grocery store has a great bakery where they make cakes with Fondant, so why should I go to all that mess and trouble. Well, as it turns out, the mess is the best part of a mystery adventure.

Icing bags in hand, my granddaughter and I spent an hour trying out all the tips in our kit and licking our fingers. We frosted a cake shaped like a castle, rolled and cut Fondant into flowers, and added candy unicorns for good measure. It was an afternoon of fun that was over all to soon. I hope she never forgets it.

Happily, I sent the cake home with her and her parents. I had the fun, let them have the calories.

What are some of your fond memories of time spent with your grandparents? I’d love to hear your stories.


  1. Wow the cake looks good your granddaughter did good.
    I never met my mothers mother as she a few years before I was born. and We didn't really see Dads mother who was quite old when I was born like over 80. she also died when I was young.
    We use to go and visit my uncle and mums dad, Pop. I dont remember doing much with him but the summer dad died I was visiting an uncle and aunt who had Pop living with them and I remember playing checkers with him. I dont really remember much more that we use to do. I Guess in many ways my mum was 45 when I was born and she did the cooking with me. I remember the cookies we would make together, we had a cookie forcer and I would turn the handle and mum would cut them. She always said she could get an extra tray when I wasn't there as I loved eating the dough.

  2. Jenny,
    Thanks for sharing your memories of your grandparents and your mother.
    Like you, I never met my mother's mother. She died when my mom was thirteen. I loved my dad's mother. Grandma Stroda could make the best bread without measuring anything. Once, I made cookies at her house and I forgot to put in enough flour. The dough spread out like lace over the cookie sheet. I was so upset. She hugged me and said happy accidents in the kitchen taste the best. And those cookies were great, if a little thin.

  3. My favorite aunt would take me one day every summer and we'd go downtown on the bus. It was the only time I rode the bus! That was cool. My mom's mom was almost 80 when I was born. I do remember sitting in her kitchen and she was doing laundry in one of those white tubs that had a wringer. Maybe becuase no one cooked with me, I don't like to cook today.

  4. Pat,
    First let me congratulate for your utterly funny and sweet grandadaughter - she's Great and I'm sure you don't have to stress thinking about what memories to create as she seems intelligent and end up laughing with your "Take the cake home with you, Dear, and share with Mum and Dad" ahahahah (and taking notes to do the same in 50 years ahahah).

    Seemed a joyfull and fun day for both and funny enough my grandma's memories (which was not only my paternal grandmother but also her two maiden sisters - my gradaunties that raised me) are made pretty much around baking, cooking and keeping with traditions like doing sausages when it was time to kill the pig, drying the fruits like figi and apricots, making jellies and marmelades and long Summer nights, praying the Rosary while threshing corn or doing needle work. Warmth floods me when I remember they used to wake me up for Midnight Mass on Christmas and put me between them under their capes so I wouldn't freeze.

    Pretty simple, right? Wouldn't change it for a ride in Gates Yacht.

    Congratulations for the lovely granddaughter (tell her I'm big fan of her hair and glasses) and Blessing to you and your family.


  5. Pamela,
    My mom used one of those wringer washers in our basement until I was in the third grade. She's eighty this year. I hadn't thought about that machine in a while.

  6. Theresa,
    Thanks for the wonderful comments. My little girl is sure the apple of my eye, mainly because she's a carbon copy of her mother inside and out.

  7. A seamtress, Gran taught me to sew my doll clothes. We worked hoeing the garden and picking vegetables to can/freeze. Many a day we sat under tree shelling beans. But most memorable time was walking thru the woods and Gran teaching me the kinds of trees and wildflowers. After getting thru the woods, we'd stop at an abandoned house, sit on porch and have a picnic. Oh what I would give just to have one more trek thru the woods and the picnic.

  8. Elwanda,
    What a beautiful memory. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  9. Pat, what a great idea!! And the cake looks great! Tell your granddaughter we're impressed. :)

  10. My favorite memories of my grandparents are riding on long trips with them, lying in the back with my head in my grandmother's lap, her running her fingers through my hair.


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