Saturday, July 23, 2011


Matthew "Ryder" Lyndon has just learned he's the father of a five-year-old girl. A girl who suddenly appears in his life with her mother, Lucie Adams—and Lucie is everything Ryder remembers. Beautiful, sun-washed, a free spirit who made him smile. But she'd trampled his heart with her sudden disappearance six years ago. Coming face-to-face with each other again, both Ryder and Lucie are reminded of what they once shared. Now God has given him an unexpected blessing in their daughter. After all this time, can Ryder find a place for them in his life?


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  2. When I started reading the book - I would say No! A definetly No.

    This is a too cute Mummy, an impossible adorable Chloe and a place you want to move in ASAP with adorable characters and good, loving and energising atmosphere.

    But something was amiss in the male character. He behaves like a crab - walking sideways whenever he could (and should) give the step forward that would make the story more heartwarming and pleasant...

    But like I said it might have been me and Ginny Aiken's Novel receives a 4 star from me. If Chloe upgrades him from Mr. Daddy to Daddy who am I to doubt her judgement?!

    Congratulations Ginny!

  3. You go, Ginny, I just bought this one and it's on my pile.

  4. I saw the Light!

    While reading the book I was thinking I know Ginny's Man - Ryder - and today I was having lunch and "saw" who he is. Or who he made me think of - Edward Lewis. That's who Ryder reminds me...

    Now, you'll have to search who's that ;). Not Ryder, but Edward Lewis.

    Let me help you a bit further. If Ginny novel becomes a movie she'll have Richard Gere as Ryder :).

    Ryder is a small-town Edward Lewis.


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