Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day! by Lisa Mondello

Hello from Lisa Mondello, blogging for Pamela Tracy who is on va-cay with her family. I myself am getting ready for a BBQ and hopefully some fantastic fireworks tonight.

I'm back from NYC and had a wonderful meeting with my editor, Elizabeth Mazer, and my agent Michelle Grajkowski, and I'm raring to go on my next book. More on that in the future. Had a blast having dinner at John's Pizzeria in Time Square with the Love Inspired gals and a great time at the Harlequin Party where the LI girls danced the night away.

For those of you reading this today on the holiday, I wish you all a wonderful holiday filled with fun, family and friends.

Many blessings,
Lisa Mondello

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  1. I'm home as well. It was great seeing everyone who was in NY!

    I hope everyone had a happy 4th!