Friday, March 2, 2012

15 Years--Can You Believe It?

What do all three of these covers have in common? (See blog title above for clue:-)

Well, of course they all feature the logo, Celebrating 15 years. That's right, 15 years ago this fall, the first Love Inspired romances were released.

I wasn't among the authors that first year, but my first Love Inspired, titled Never Alone, debuted in June of 1998. It was #30. They've stopped numbering them evidently, but I feel privileged to have been part of this wonderful line's debut.

Can any of you remember what the first Love Inspired Romance you read was and by whom?

Or would you like to share the Love Inspired Romance that you remember the most?

I'm sure this September the Craftie Ladies will think of something to celebrate this milestone with you. If you have a suggestion, please let us hear it.

BTW, Lenora-Elnora is traveling so I filled in for her today.

And 2nd BTW, one of my E-books is free on Kindle this weekend.

Click to download Autumn's Shadow. (I would offer a Love Inspired romance but I don't have a new one out till November this year.)

So share what you love about Love Inspired Romances.--Lyn


  1. I read a suspense by Elizabeth White. It's one of the first LIS's. Not sure how I got it, but when I set it down, I knew I wanted to write for LIS.

  2. I dont remember my first one but I remember some of them being at the bookshop in Australia on special. Then about 5 years ago or so they got more at the bookshop. no idea which one was first. there are so many really good ones. I love Cheryl Wyatts first cos she mentioned cricket.

  3. My first contact with LI was online last year when I read THE COWBOY'S PROMISE. Then I read all Terri Reed's online LIS.

    The first set of physical LI books I held in my hand were the ones sent to me by Elnora. I enjoyed every bit of them.

    Beloved sisters, keep the good work going!

  4. Lyn, I just downloaded Autumn's Gift.

    Such a nice gift to receive on a gray Georgia day! :)

    Thank you!

    Lenora Worth gave a talk at my GA RWA Chapter many, many years ago. I bought her book and loved it. Not sure, but it probably was a LI.

    I've been a Lenora fan ever since!

  5. I don't remember the title for sure, but the book was by Lenora Worth and had something to do with a quilt.

  6. I just found the first one I read! It was LI#3 by Jane Peart. Here's a link to Amazon. I remembered her name and recognized the cover. :) It's called The Risk of Loving.

  7. I can't remember either but Pamela told me about the line and suggested Elizabeth White, too. In fact, I think she gave me her copy, and, like Pam, I knew that I wanted to write for LI, too. Good question.

  8. I remember the first ones I read! I got them for Christmas! One was by you Lyn! The other by Missy! And another by Jillian! That's how I got hooked :)

  9. Hi Lyn:

    My database of romances indicates that my first Love Inspired was “His Saving Grace” by Lyn Cote read in April 2004. After that book I subscribed to four books a month. This has given me a lot of Love Inspired reads. I guess you could say that “His Saving Grace” was a ‘gateway’ book. : )


  10. Hello Vince!! So good to see you back. Lyn, thank you for filling in for Elnora. I did get to attend the Nola Stars conference for a few hours. My back was painful but I was careful not to aggravate it more. I got to visit with Allie Plieter and Margaret Daley and Betsy St Amant and a lot of writers. I'm home now with my heating pad. "The Wedding Quilt" was my first Love Inspired!! Still a reader favorite!!

  11. Thanks for all the comments. I feel blessed to have been with LI since the very beginning. It's lovely to see something I believe in prosper.

    You mentioned many of my fave LI authors.


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