Friday, March 30, 2012

Ask Elnora--About Lent??? Lenora Worth

Easter is on the way. Elnora has always loved the Easter season. Maybe because Elnora's birthday is in April. And Elnora loves presents! I also love Palm Sunday. I love how at our church the children will walk in waving their palm branches. We all know that Easter brings the sadness of what Christ went through for us, but it also brings the grace and beauty and the meaning of what being a Christian is all about. We are going through Lent right now. Usually, Elnora gives up chocolate or ice cream for Lent, even shopping! But this year, I decided I'd try something different. I'd try not to speak as much. I know--you're all laughing at that one. It hasn't been easy, let me tell you. But I've tried to not speak so much in a bossy way. I'm trying very hard to give up being bossy. I'm letting go of control in a lot of areas. I think because I'm about to make an important life change when we move to our retirement condo later this year, I've learned to be still and know that God is in control. I don't raise my hand to be the first to volunteer as much as I used to. I don't feel that nagging need to be in charge, to go forth and steamroll my way into a project. I don't feel the need to be the first to speak up in a group or to remind others of what we need to be doing and when. I'm learning to do what I do as a writer--sit back and observe. It's been quite refreshing to do this. Amazing how silence can bring so many answers. I haven't always been successful at this task, this letting go, this being silent. Especially when I see so much injustice in the world and I wonder why the world has to be so cruel. But I have always been an Easter person. I have always believed in spring and renewal and hope. Christ gave me that hope. Lent is just part of the journey. Someone at church was talking about the children's moments and one of our pastors was asking about Lent. One of the children spoke up and said that was the stuff that comes out of the dryer. Everyone thought this was really funny and it is. But that kid might be onto something. Lint is mostly fibers and dust. And we know from our ashes that we are only dust, after all. We return to dust but our spirits return to God in Heaven. So that got me to wondering? What kind of lint have you found in your Lent? What have you let go, what have you cleaned out, what have you swept away? Children are shrewd in their innocence. Sometimes, it is the stuff that comes out of the dryer, sometimes it's the stuff that gets caught in that trap in our brains, that stuff that clouds our judgment and holds us down. Let's discuss--Can we let go of the lint in these last days of Lent??


  1. The time of lent is like what Ecclesiastes 3 tells us. Time for everything. Moreso, we learn each day to lay aside some weights and heavy burdens.
    At this period, I take time to know more of my Lord.

    Thanks so much Wonderful ladies, I had to log off and go home yesterday after 4pm. (You know there is a 9-hour time difference between Nigeria and America. When you woke up, it was evening here)

    I appreciate all your comments and I am honored. I thank God Almighty for connecting with you all.

    Really, I am blessed. And, I love you all.

  2. I needed this post. I get bossy too. I think it's from being in front of a classroom five days a week and telling people what to do, when to do it, and what happens if they don't do it LOL. Every once in awhile my husband reminds me that he's not one of my students.

    Good job with the lint and all :)

  3. Olufisayo, we love you, too. It's been such a blessing to share this Lenten season with you. Pam, my daughter is a teacher and yes, she sometimes uses her teacher voice with her family and friends.

    Hope everyone has a great Palm Sunday weekend!

  4. Lenora, this was a great post. We all need to take time to stop and think on what this season is really all about.

  5. I always dread Lent before it starts because I don't like to discipline myself. :)

    When I'm in Lent, I LOVE it because it allows me to focus more completely on the Lord.

    IMHO, a good Lent brings an abundance of Easter joy!

    Wishing you all an abundance of blessings for the remainder of Lent and especially during the Easter season!

  6. It is hard to be disciplined sometimes. But this is a good time to listen for God's voice. There is a lot of noise in the world today.

  7. Traditionally, the church I worship with doesn't observe Lent, but I have been doing it for the last three years because my daughter has. She inspired me to do so. Actually, giving up something almost doesn't seem like a sacrifice. It has been good for me. I like your idea. Next year, I'll work on listening more and talking less.

  8. Hey elnora, Want to come to our church. We could use some go getters. We recently had a meeting with other churches in the district (100 miles around) and there was a rsvp for lunch. only our church which hosted it was never told. There is a committee of several people who all blame the one person for not getting the info out. My theory is if its not out in the time frame (they needed rsvps at least 2 weeks prior to the meeting) then ask why not. dont blame one person! So we could use your get up and go to push that the info gets out.
    (Im the newsletter editor who asked if there was more info and got none.)

    Our church doesn't observe lent either.

  9. AusJenny, where three or more are gathered becomes a committee!! The work of the church is necessary but tough sometimes!!


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