Monday, March 12, 2012

25th Wedding Anniversary

Terri Reed here, in 2013 I'll be celebrating my 25th Wedding Anniversary. My husband asked me tonight if I'd given any thought to what or where we should go to celebrate. We've been saving up air miles and he's been accumulating hotel reward points. So with the whole world to choose from I'm having trouble narrowing it down. Do I want to go to Europe--Italy, France, Germany? Do I want to go to Scotland, Ireland and Whales? Do I want to go to Australia, Greece, or the Virgin Islands? Do I want to go exploring in castles and museums?Ride a bike through countryside? Or go to the outback, lay on a beach, hike a mountain? Do I want to scuba dive or relax by the pool? Help! There's too many choices.
Anyone have suggestions? Tips? Fun and exciting and romantic places you've been to that you can recommend?

My next book comes out in June. Here's the cover. Isn't great? The art department did a wonderful job of capturing my image of the hero and heroine and the lighthouse.


  1. They all sound wonderful. Having been to some of them, I can recommend Europe and Greece (not in the summer though). Good luck choosing and congrats on the release.

  2. I'd go to Europe, too. My 25th is in 15 years. Guess we'd better start saving those air miles LOL

  3. How wonderful, Terri! They all sound wonderful to me, too. :)

    We celebrated our 25th last year, and it fell during the RWA conference in New York. So my husband went with me and we celebrated there. :)

  4. We went on an Alaskan cruise to celebrate our 25th. Alaska was my 50th state. Now I have been to them all.

  5. Hi Terri, Happy Anniversary! Twenty-five is worthy of celebrating! Have you ever been on a cruise? I wasn't sure I would like it, but we've gone three times now and we love it. We've been to warm and sunny islands each time and loved it. It's so relaxing and fun. I hope our next cruise will be to Alaska or to Italy and Greece.
    Let us know where you decide to go!

    I love the cover of your featured book!

  6. Whatever you do...don't forget it! My spouse and I both forgot it's one of our favorite memories to look back on and laugh about.

  7. Terri - what fun to be able to choose from almost anywhere in the world. One of the places I've personally always wanted to go was Australia. Maybe some day...

  8. Hubby and I went to Italy in Jan and had a lovely time. We lived in Germany years ago and had seen most of Europe. Going back is always fun.

    Germany is my favorite country. The people are wonderful, especially in the southern part--Bavaria.

  9. My hubby and I are having the same discussion, Terri. Except if we go to Australia, my daughter wants to come! I'd add Hawaii and like Merillee said, an Alaskan cruise to the list.

  10. Wishing you a Happy Anniversary I think you should go where you both would enjoy best.
    For me the beach would be a No because we already live near it and go by whenever we want... and to celebrate I would look for somethjing different but that both would enjoy doing.

    In 2 years we'll be celebrating ours and God allowing we want to go to Rome with our kids. But I wouldn't mind stay home and throw a party for family and friends. We'll see.

    Yes, the cover is fantastic. Are you holding a special writing to celebrate your milestone? It would be nice!

    Wishing you the best on both venues - anniversary and new book.


  11. Sounds really cool presonally I would choose Hawaii.
    My friends are having their 25th wedding anniversary later this year I think and both will celebrate there 50th birthdays also and are looking at going on a cruise to celebrate.

  12. Kim, thanks for the tip not to go in summer. Our anniversary is at the end of May.

    Pam, I wish I could say all the miles have accumulated over a long period of time but not so. Hubby has been traveling a lot the past few years with his job. Some trips all the way to South Africa. And going soon to Chile.

    Leigh, celebrating in NY would be great too!! Though we lived in the city for a while so it doesn't hold the same appeal.

    Merrilee, how very well traveled you are.
    I've thought about a cruise but not sure I could take it. I get motion sickness something fierce.

    Carrie, I'd like to see Alaska one day too. So many people say cruises are relaxing. Hmmm. I might have to give it some thought.

    Yvonne, that's funny. We actually both forgot our 21st anniversary. Too busy with other things. We did eventually take a night away to celebrate.

  13. Winnie, Australia does sound wonderful, doesn't it.

    Debby, I lived in Italy for a summer right after I graduated from high school. It was fabulous and I'd loved to go back. Where did you go in the country?

    Sandra, isn't the planning fun?! We've been to Hawaii often, in fact may be going here soon. Hubby has clients there. Though I will say I'd go back to the big island in a heartbeat. Last time we went we stayed at a resort near Kona for a few days after his meetings and had a wonderfully relaxed time.

    Teresa, thank you for the well wishes. Yes, finding something we'd both enjoy is going to be a challenge. Hubby loves sun and sand and relaxing vacationer. I'm more of the adventure, keep busy, moving all the time vacationer. We'll have to find some compromise. But isn't that what marriage is about? Give and take.

    Ausjenny, I want to come see your part of the world. :-)

  14. Terri, I also get motion sick. In fact, on my first cruise I missed the life boat drill because I was so sick, I couldn't come out of the cabin. I finally went to the ship's doctor, and he gave me a shot that they gave to women in Italy for morning sickness. This was a Costa cruise--luckily not the one that capsized. Anyway, the shot worked, but on a subsequent cruise I discovered the Transderm Scōp® (Scopolamine) patch for motion sickness. It works wonders. I've been on over half a dozen cruises since and have never felt the least bit sick when using the patch. You wear it behind your ear. The only sick affect I've encountered is dry mouth. I drink a lot of water. :)

  15. That's supposed to be side effect.

  16. Merillee, I'll have to remember the patch if I ever do go on a cruise. Thank you for the tip.


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