Thursday, March 8, 2012

Write Off the Deep End

Sandra Orchard, here, filling in for your regularly scheduled program. ~grin~

Pay attention. There will be a test. There will be prizes.

Shades of Truth has officially released and it should be in stores by the weekend!!!

What does that have to do with writing off the deep end?!

Allow me to introduce my fellow Wodians. So named for our writing group: WODE--which stands for Write Off the Deep End.

Readers and writers alike often ask me about my writing process. These ladies are a big part of it. Once a month we get together to offer each other feedback on what we've written or to brainstorm new story ideas.

The group "found me" a few years ago after my RWA magazine was delivered to the wrong house. (Divine redirection!) The recipient was so excited to find another writer in our community that she hand-delivered the magazine and invited me to the next WODE meeting.

She has since become a treasured critique partner. On my own blog a few months ago I shared the grocery store murder discussion. That was with her. :)

In honor of the positive impact WODE has had on my writing career, I used the "word" WODE in Shades of Truth.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to find the location and email me the page number (and book version) by midnight June 1st. :) In June, I will draw from a hat the name (of all correct answers) and they will receive a $25 gift certificate for their favorite book retailer.

Your Turn: Do you have a special friend or group with which you share a common interest or hobby or pursuit?


  1. Sounds like great fun LOL. I've just finished my RITA books, all suspensy, so am still in a suspense mood.

  2. I have a great writing support group. We are the Evelettes. Long story on how we got that name. And yes we've had the Starbucks murder plan conversation that caused a man nearby to stop reading and listen to us!! Sandra I saw your book at Wal-Mart as I was rushing toward my waiting husband. I will return to buy it!!

  3. A Wal-Mart sighting!! Woohoo! What state? :)

  4. My critique group is my support group.Not ony do we look over each others wok, we're all really good friend. Our meeting usually don't get started for at least an hour after our meeting time so we can gab and catch up on each others lives. Wouldn't be where I am today without them. :)

  5. I don't have a formal critique group but I have writer friends I can call when I get stuck and need brainstorming help or when I get good/bad news that I want to share. I really cherish those special friendships

  6. I bet my Walmart had it today (GA) but they had so many "hurdles" in that area, I could not get a look!
    I enjoy being with my Senior High School class once a month, for lunch!

  7. The book sounds absolutely wonderful! I don't have a writing support group. Wish I did. I liked writing contemporary romance, but somehow I got the idea to write suspense and I think I might make it a habit!

  8. Louisiana. Sorry I didn't put that in my original comment. And she was placing lots of copies!

  9. She being the jobber (the book distributing lady). I wanted to grab several of all March releases. But MAN was waiting and glaring. Don't ever take MAN to store if you want to spend an hour in the book section!!!

  10. Kathy,

    have you checked out ACFW? They have a big crit group that small groups sometimes form from. They also have a romantic suspense forum. The Faith Hope Love chapter of RWA has a critique partner database. Or join the My Book Therapy voices, and ask on that forum if anyone needs a crit partner. I found one of my faves on that group!

  11. Wow, Jackie, that is so cool that you still get together with high school classmates!


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