Friday, March 9, 2012

Ask Elnora--About Oreos and Kraft Macaroni and Cheese??? Lenora Worth

Hello, my little cookies. Elnora has had a rough few weeks but I'm beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Or rather the shoes at the end of the shopping aisle. No, I haven't even felt like shopping! The horror! I have, however, cruised the Internet and admired some of the new spring fashions. Even a bad back can't keep a girl down for long. Next week, it's more doctors and some injections and then we'll see if things improve. But enough about pain. Let's talk about Oreos. You know this year is the 100th anniversary of the Oreo cookie. And it's also the 75th anniversary of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. Two of Elnora's major food groups. When I was much younger and didn't have such a bad back, I used to enjoy staying up with my husband and our friends all night, playing cards and eating Oreos. Yes, that was considered an appetizer in my house back then. I have been known to eat a whole bag of Oreos. And not gain a pound. Darlings, those days are so over. Now I don't dare bring an Oreo into the house for fear of gaining a pound by just having one of the tempting little things nearby. But I do so love to twist those cookies apart and ... I always eating the creamy one first and save the pure chocolate half for last. And who can resist macaroni and cheese? I know the boxed kind is not so healthy, but on a bad night when you're staring into that dark cave called a pantry and nothing is shoutiing out at you, a box of mac and cheese can save dinner! Maybe even save your marriage. So let's talk about comfort food! And have you tried those delicious fudge-covered Oreos? Or the white chocolate covered Oreos??? Really good on a regection or revision day!!!Really good when your back is hurting and you have a serious deadline. (Okay, Elnora does occasionally go to the store and buy a bag or two, even now.)How will you celebrate the marvelous Oreo? Do you eat it all at once, dip it in milk or coffee, or twist it in half and savor each bite? Or maybe all of the above? What is your favorite cookie? What is your favorite mac and cheese recipe??? Do you love your macaroni and cheese with black pepper on top? Or maybe a little nutmeg? Now I'm hungry again! Let's dish!


  1. You're tempting me, Elnora! Shame on you!

    Actually, I like my Oreos with milk. But I refuse to buy them. Bring a bag home, and the cookies are gone within minutes.

    No will power in this household!

    Mac and Cheese? Not something I crave. Thank goodness. But pasta or rice or bagels or any other carb and I've got my fork ready to dig in.

  2. I hear you!! Why is it that the foods we crave are the ones we need to avoid? They are like a bad boy on a book cover.

  3. Ugh, I can feel the pounds coming on just reading about Oreos and KD! Hmm, I think I even have a package of Mac & Cheese still tucked in the back of the cupboard. I like it with ketchup. Yum, saved many a dinner as a newlywed still finishing university.

    Oh, excuse me, I think I hear that box calling!

  4. I used to eat 10 Oreo cookies and a glass of milk as a snack after school--I was in high school. I did not gain an ounce. Now, just typing that packed on half a pound!! ;o)

    Ah, comfort food--why is always so bad for you?

  5. My favorite Oreos are the ones with the chocolate middles...and no twisting for me. My favorite cookie, though, is shortbread. Easy to make and the dough is as good as the cookies. =)

    I don't make M&C too often, but I like it with a small can of tuna and a little bit of corn mixed in, topped with shredded cheese. No pepper or nutmeg for me. I'm not much for doctoring food up with herbs and wonder my hubby calls me Plain Jane. ;)

    Praying that all goes well with the docs next week and you get some much-needed relief, Elnora. =)

  6. Evidently I need to give Mac and Cheese another try...with ketchup, perhaps. Or corn and tuna. Really?

  7. We now have oreos in australia but I have to say I really don't like them much. We have other cookies here the same type the I like much better. In Australia I think its TimTams that are a standard and much loved.
    Cant say I have ever had Mac and Cheese. I wonder if its similar to a can of spagghetti which we grate cheese over.

  8. I've heard of TimTams. I think Michelle Kidman likes those. AusiJenny, Mac and cheese is elbow macaroni and lots of cheese. We love the homemade version in the South. Lots of sharp cheddar!! I always manage
    to elbow my way into a plate of it!!

  9. I've never been a fan of Oreo cookies. Give me a homemade chocolate chip cookie. My granddaughter loves mac and cheese, but I can live without it.

  10. Macaroni & Cheese, cream corn on the side and beans n weenies is a favorite with my oldest. Oreo are good but we don't buy cookies we make cookies if we want any. I like the chocolate middles and I eat the whole thing which is why we don't buy them anymore!

  11. I think here the one minute minute noodles are quite popular.
    I see we do have the macaroni and cheese. seems its a microwave meal (I dont have a microwave).
    Yes timtams are very aussie covered on chocolate and quite nice.


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