Saturday, March 17, 2012


The heiress Josh O'Malley has courted by mail is on her way to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, to become his wife. His dreams are coming true, and together, they'll create the family he's always wanted. But when the stagecoach arrives, it's not his intended who exits, but her sister, Kate!She came to end her sister's engagement, but with her duty completed, Kate Morgan is in no hurry to leave. She can't help but like the beautiful mountain town…and her sister's would-be groom. If only Josh would realize that his dream can still come true—and love can be found where least expected.


  1. I just finished reading it and it was excellent!! I can't wait til the sequel comes out! Tell me, is Kate adopted? The strange relationship with her family leaves questions, for sure.
    I've now got another favorite author!

  2. JavaJo,
    I'm thrilled you liked it! That's an interesting question. She isn't adopted, although you're right, it would seem like it. It was a case of her mother not wanting any more children. Plus, the first daughter fit all of Georgia Morgan's expectations. Kate was too different and didn't care to conform.


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