Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Power of Three

Hi everyone!

I just loved the previous post about springtime. Such beautiful photos!  I'm looking out at beautiful sunshine, the temp here in eastern Iowa is an incredibly balmy sixty degrees, and all I want to do is grab my boots, go out to the barn and saddle a mare for a looooong ride. Usually, it's still cold and snowy this time of year! This is Tucker in the photo, though he is now in  Kentucky. I need some new photos of the gals out in the barn!

  But, I'm being a Good Girl,  sitting at my desk.  :)  And actually, it's fun to be inside as well, because thanks to my friends, I've got some ideas for my next books!

Have you ever found that a little extra brain power can make all the difference? Two of my writing friends and I meet at least once a year at a hotel for an intense brainstorming marathon.  The energy that flows between us, the evolution from a sketchy idea to a book idea that takes on form and substance, is exciting.  Each time we do this, we each come away with material for a series that can be developed more fully at home.  Whether during my life as a writer  or when I still held a day job, it has always helped so much to hear feedback and fresh ideas!  Finding the right mix of the personalities makes all the difference, too.

How about you?  Do you prefer to "fly solo" or do you like having a chance to "borrow a little brain power" from your co-workers or friends  when working on a new project?

Wishing all of you blessings this coming month!

Roxanne Rustand
(The All Creatures Great and Small blog)


  1. Sixty degrees? Amazing! We haven't had much winter in Montana, but we're still dreaming of those temps! Enjoy it!

  2. MK, I LOVE Montana. It's so cool that you live there! I've set quite a few books in your beautiful state.

    And yes--I'm savoring every minute of being able to do my horse chores in the morning without a jacket. Usually we've got single digits this time of year. Brrr!

  3. Love the horse pic. My daughter was happy to finally get some slightly below freezing, but sunny weather so she could take out her horse without sinking in mud!

    I like your question. In my other work I was always a fly solo kind of person. The type who hated group projects in school, because...well, I'd do most of the work! But I loooove brainstorming ideas with fellow writers and getting feedback on a scene I'm struggling with. It can be incredibly energizing.

  4. I like flying solo but I do appreciate and value input. I have trouble "talking" about my book with people or even plotting ahead of time. I love my critters though because if I need help, they're right there!

  5. Roxanne, Love this post. Just this past fall a group of four writer friends, myself included, formed a brainstorming group. We've met once and plan to do so 2-3 thimes a year and I LOVED it. We all came away with fresh story ideas and it was amazing how our ideas all fed off of each other in exciting ways.

  6. Jessica, you mentioned how it can be hard talking about a book, and that's so true for me! I can get so tangled up in convoluted descriptions of a plot that even I don't know what I'm talking about.

    When we get together, the others print out whatever they've come up with so far. That helps me get started, just seeing the germ of an idea in black and white. Is anyone else here a visual, rather than auditory learner also, or is it just me? :)

  7. Winnie,
    Exactly! Isn't it wonderful? I'm so glad that you have a group, too!

  8. LOL, I never liked group projects in school for the same reason, Sandra! And often, the group was like a rudderless boat...no one following up, few contributing, no decisions being made.

    That said, the long weekends the three of us spend brainstorming are so helpful to me.

    Though we all write romantic suspense, and if anyone were to eavesdrop, they'd probably call 911 given all the murder and mayhem ideas being bandied about. :)

  9. Hi Roxanne, I love to brainstorm with a couple of my writer friends. I am blessed to be invited to one of their homes several times a year for wriitng retreats and brainstorming sessions. We went away for a few days last summer too. That was great!

    Good for you....working hard at your desk...writing those stories. : )

  10. Good for you, Carrie! Isn't amazing what we can come up with, with a little help from our friends? And the the process is just plain fun. :)

  11. How fun, Roxanne! I love brainstorming with friends! One writer friend and I are trying to find a weekend soon to get together. I can't wait!


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