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Reader and Author St. Patricks Day Round Robin Short Story

Hello from Lisa Mondello! It's been a while and I'm so happy to be here today to kick off what I hope will be a lot of fun for the Craftie Ladies AND for our Readers! Yes, that's you!! And to give one lucky commenter the chance to win a $15 gift certificate!

We get so much response from our readers about how much they love our short stories here on the Craftie Ladies blog. Last Christmas we had our first round robin story that included READER participation and we had a BLAST! We thought it was so much fun that we'd do it again for St. Patrick's Day so we could share some more fun.

Now, for this to go smoothly, we need a few ground rules to let you know exactly how this ROUND ROBIN STORY will work.

We are doing a 1 DAY short story where the Craftie Ladies AND our readers can each write a 140 character addition to a short St. Patrick's Day story that I will start at the end of this blogpost.

I will start the story at the bottom of the post to get you all started. It's up to the Craftie Ladies AND our readers to fill in the rest of the blanks. This story will start at Midnight and keep on going until we get our HEA (Happily Ever After) at Midnight on the 15th...or beyond since we're all in different time zones. We'll be having fun so it won't matter when it ends!

As a special thank you to our READERS who participate in the short story round robin, the Craftie Ladies will be giving away a $15 Amazon gift certificate. So don't be shy! We want you to jump in feet first and participate. We know there are a lot of fans who lurk on this blog, who read posts but don't comment. Well, today we want to hear from you!

Okay, back to rules. I will start the story at the bottom of the post. YOU will read my post and you can take the story from there by adding to it in THE COMMENTS AREA. Take the story in whichever direction you want to take it. Again, this will go on ALL DAY TODAY (And into the wee hours if you're posting from around the world) and by the end we'll have an entire story.

So...the rules!

1. Read the posts at the bottom of this blog AND in the comments area.
2. Add a few sentences about what happens next. (Just a few sentences will do.)
3. Keep coming back to see what everyone else adds so you get the whole story and keep adding to it!
4. Please, no comments about how much fun you're having or WOW what's going to happen next. Just add to the story so we call can all read the story straight down until the end.
5. At the end of it all, we can comment about how much fun we had.

It's meant to be fun. It's meant to make us all laugh in between all the hustle and bustle of daily life and book deadlines. Please join in. All are welcome to join in so make sure you post on Twitter and Facebook so your friends will come and join us!

Without further ado...

Deep in the heart of Boston, Eric O'Malley flicked the lights on to the pub that shared his name. The place was ready for the St. Patty's Day scavenger hunt. But there was only one Pot of Gold Eric was interested in finding by the end of the evening.


  1. It was in the eyes of Nianh O'Reilly, the Irish rose with the expressive emerald green eyes and flaming read hair. She was a Gaelic Princess in his eyes.

  2. If only it is easy to get his gold. Nianh had always been the girl of his dream. But her mood is too similar to her hair, getting close seemed impossible. If only she would be at this year's hunt, just like the other year's. Eric sighed as he remembered his last encounter with his golden Nianh.

  3. They'd met when he'd visited Dublin while in college. She was standing on the side of the road staring at a flat tire and when he drove by and asked if she needed help with the tire and...well, the look she gave him still made him laugh.

  4. 'What!' She had exclaimed, evidently pouring her fury of the flat tyre and delay for her papers on her. She then turned pink when she discovered he only wanted to help.
    'Do you have an extra?'He had stammered. She nodded and then she smiled and that did him in. he could have abandoned his fully outlined day and followed her to wherever.

  5. And now she was here in Boston--his Nianh. But she didn't know she was his yet. Eric had tried to show her in oh, so many ways. He'd been surprised a year ago when she showed up at the pub, asking for work.
    "You came," he said.
    "Yes. I remembered what you told me the day you helped me change that flat tire. "If you ever need a friend...." She gave him a sad smile. "I need one now."

  6. How could he resist? He'd hired her on the spot and thought the rest would come easy, but apparently friendship was all she wanted. He'd waited patiently. He listened to her heartbreak and offered a shoulder to cry on, but whenever he got too close, she pulled away.

  7. Tonight would be different though. Tonight he planned to let her know how he felt about her. And he knew just how to do it --- with a surprise.

  8. Nianh hesitated a moment before entering the pub for her shift. It was St. Patty's day and there would be a big crowd, but it wasn't the mass of paying customers that had her heart beating. It was the thought of her boss, Eric. He'd been hinting he'd like more from her. A deeper relationship. But she couldn't. She was too afraid.

  9. She felt a shiver go down her spine when she remembered why she had to flee Dublin. I frightened her that if she let Eric get to close something could happen to him too.

  10. What if those people found her here in America? Giving those goons a line of blarney hadn't worked. Did they know what she'd found in that old abandoned thatch hut?

  11. Sometimes late at night, she imagined turning it over to the police, letting someone else worry about it.
    But, she didn't because she knew who would get in trouble, and if there was one thing Nianh did it was take care of her own.
    Even when they didn't deserve it.
    Maybe, though, it was time to let someone take care of her, someone like Eric O'Malley.

  12. Would Eric know what to do if she shared her secret with him? Maybe St. Patty's Day was the perfect time to find out. Tonight after the pub closed, she would ask for his help.

  13. As soon as Nianh clocked in, Eric handed her an envelope that said First Clue.

    "What's this? I thought the scavenger hunts starts at nine o'clock."

    He leaned in close, loving the flowery fragrance she always wore. "It's a private hunt," he whispered. "Just for you."

  14. Nianh opened the clue and read "behind the map of Ireland you will find me". She looked around and saw the map on the wall. As she reached for the map the second clue fell out.

  15. Nianh wondered what tricks Eric was up to today of all days. Whatever happened to work? She shrugged and opened the second clue: it was a key. she looked at it closely, Eric's office key. Another note fell out of the envelope,"under the picnic basket packed for two, on the office table, you will find the next clue"

    Clearly flustered, Nianh turned round the inn and opened Eric's office. What she saw took her breath away.

  16. There, sitting in Eric's office chair, behind the picnic basket sat the one man she feared the most.
    "Top O'the aft'r noon, Lassie."

  17. "Lepree, how did you find me?" The plump little man scared her, but she had to stall He chuckled and plucked the leaves off of the four leaf clover plant that Eric had left with her name on it "Wasn't hard, lass. I just followed that trail of gold dust you left." He stood up and adjusted his bright green sweater. Then he held up a tiny pistol. "I'll have me treasure now." Nianh gasped. " I don't have it!". Lepree stepped toward her. But before he could grab her, the door burst open.

  18. Eric stood there, a bouquet of flowers in his hand. Quickly he surveyed the scene in front of him.
    When Lepree pulled the trigger, rose petals flew threw the air, and Nianh watched horrified as Eric dropped to the ground.

  19. "Ye have one chance, Lassie." Lepree scratched his beard. "Give me the treasure or he'll die for certain."

    Eric clutched his chest. "What is he talking about, Nianh?"

    "Tell him, Nianh. Tell him the truth." Lepree cocked the hammer, slow and deliberate. The clicking echoed off the walls.

  20. "Whatever treasure you're wanting, I certainly don't have it." Nianh replied.

    "Of course you do," said Lepree. "Its in them papers your Daddy sent over with you."

    "Papers?" She swallowed as he pointed the gun at her heart. "What papers?"

    Lepree took a step closer, then another, the gun holding steady. Then Eric, still on the floor swept out his arm, catching Lepree's legs and tumbling him to the floor.

    The bang of the gun resonated against the walls.

  21. The bullet ricochetted of the metal safe and hit Lepree in his gun hand.
    While he was distracted Eric kicked the gun our of his reach, grabbed a trembling Niamh and tried to rushed for the door before Lepree could react.

  22. Eric got them out safely and locked the door on the outside. He called the police and took the shivering Nianh into the kitchen.
    He hugged her close and assured her that all was well. Hot tears streamed down her shocked face. He made her sit on a chair and poured coffee from the percolator. She drained the cup in a gulp and longed for more, getting calmer.

    'Sweetheart, I cannot afford to lose you.' Eric heard himself said. 'Though this was not the setting I had in mind but I can't hod back again. I love you Nianh, I trully do. I don't know what would have happened if...'

    He saw Nianh flung herself on him and hugged him tight. Before he realized it, he took her lips in his. It was a kiss of a lifetime.

  23. "I love you, too," Nianh, breathed out. "I fought my feelings for too long." She drew back. "Will you forgive me for bringing this danger to your door?"
    He cupped her face in his hands. "Of course I forgive you. Whatever has happened in the past is done and gone. God will see us through to a bright future. Together."
    She smiled with joy. "Together. I like the sound of that."

  24. Nianh heard the sound of sirens and jumped for joy. "Justice at last. Now I am safe to love." She lifted her face to Eric's. "Thanks for everything. Thanks for making this a private hunt, for me and you. I love you Eric, now and forever!"

    Eric smoothed Nianh's hair as he placed her head on his chest. He heard muffled sound from outside, citizens still embarking oh their St. Patty's Day scavenger hunt. He sighed with joy and contentment. He no longer need to hunt for any gold, he already found his gold in his golden Nianh. He sent a prayer heavenward that this priceless gold would be his forever.

  25. Even as he held her close, though, he felt her withdrawing. At first, he thought it was because of who was locked in his office and the sounds of sirens in the distance, but then she said, "Eric, there's something I have to tell you. The reason I'm in America, and why I'm being followed."
    He swallowed, suddenly afraid. Funny, the fear he felt now was nothing like earlier. Earlier, he'd feared for his life. Now, he feared for his heart.
    "It all starts with a walk I took, and a hut I found..."

  26. "I witnessed a terrible crime and have been in witness protection. When we met, I couldn't tell you that my real name is Kelly O'Brien. I needed to use an alias. And I knew if you'd stayed in Ireland like you'd wanted to, we would have fallen in love and you'd have been in danger. I thought it was best we stay friends."

    "It would't have mattered. I fell in love with you the moment I met you. Is it over?"

    "Yes, I've testified. But there are some people who aren't happy I did. They believe I know something about some treasure that was in the hut. I suspect the guy you locked in the house was looking for that."

    "Was there a treasure?"

    "You're the only treasure I've ever found."

    The blue lights from the police car blinded them. As Eric held Nianh, ur, Kelly, his heart rate settled. He had to tell her it would be okay. When they police arrested Lepree, they took Nianh's statement and brought Lepree to jail. It was time.

    Eric got down on his knee.

    "What are you doing?" Niahn asked.

    "I want to marry you. I don't care if more people follow you. I will protect you. Whatever danger you're in, well, it's something we'll deal with together."

    "Do you mean that?"


    She kissed Eric's lips and for the first time in years she felt safe and loved.

    "Yes, I will marry you."

    THE END.

  27. Using to choose a winner, I wanted to congratulate Ausjenny as the winner of the $15 Amazon gift certificate. Thank you everyone for participating.



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