Friday, December 21, 2012

Margaret Daley's Flash Fiction Story

Ashley strode around the side of her Victorian house in Tulsa and almost ran into the gardener, Stefan. "Merry Christmas. You did a great job with the lights. Have a wonderful holiday."

"I will. I'm playing at the Christmas Eve concert."

"You are? What do you play?"

"The violin."

Surprised, Stefan played such a delicate instrument when he was so large and muscular, she murmured, "I love the violin," and continued to her front porch.

On her doorstep sat a beautifully wrapped present in navy blue paper with silver ribbon. Ashley glanced around but only saw her handsome neighbor across the street. Jared waved as he put up his holiday decorations. She took the medium size box inside, trying to figure out who would leave it without a gift tag.

Placing it on the round table in the foyer, she stared at it , deciding whether to open it. Maybe it was from her law partner, Kevin, who'd been hinting at taking their relationship beyond a business one.

She couldn't wait. She tore into the present. In the box was an exquisite red rose and a ticket to the Christmas Eve concert. She grinned.


  1. love it but again I want more.
    typing one handed so short comments

  2. Cute, Margaret!! Which man invited her??

  3. I love the sneaky way your mind works.

  4. Margaret now we are left pondering, which handsome man left the wonderful gift -I am thinking the gardner.
    like to read these little stories.
    Merry Christmas

    Paula O

  5. you know i never thought i could be either of the 2 men. I instantly thought it was the gardener. interesting how different people read a story differently

  6. What a wonderful "problem" to have-two talented men interested in you. I LOVED that the line about his big hands playing delicate instrument.

  7. It is the gardener. The others never had a chance.

  8. He sounded yummy so like my dh! But he played the base fiddle!

  9. I'm with Jenny. I knew it had to be the gardner. :)


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