Thursday, April 2, 2015

Dana Mentink here. Dontcha' think this sounds like a great idea?

Gold Country Guardians
On a property nestled deep in the heart of California’s Gold country, the Reed brothers operate the Mother Lode Ranch. Rodeo star Asa, crop duster Jesse, and twin brothers Daniel and Gideon are fiercely protective of the woman who adopted them and determined to keep the family together against all odds. Armed with faith and bonded by hardship, the four will face dangers beyond their wildest imaginings and find love, deep in the heart of gold country.

Only it wasn't. Or at least, it wasn't good enough to capture the attention of an editor. Something about a week "saleable hook." I spent some time pondering the meaning of that. A "saleable hook" is an idea that is compelling enough to carry the reader through a series. Maybe it's the "Navy Seal hero" or perhaps it's the "canine cops" etc. Obviously, I need to work on sharpening up my "hook" if I want to sell the Gold Country Guardians idea. 

What hooks to you enjoy in your books? 

P.S. It's release day for my real live book that did snag a book contract!


  1. Dana, maybe if you just added in the hook for each book it might work.

    Hmmm, just thinking out loud…
    Rodeo star's former sweetheart shows up with a son that looks just like him.
    Crop duster has run-in with new owner of the local ranch who hates crop dusting.
    Widower Daniel's infant son needs a new mother.
    Gideon orders a mail order bride that's more than he bargained for…


    Congrats on the new release!

  2. Actually, I assumed those were historicals but just realized they may not be. So ignore the mail order bride idea. :)

  3. Yes, what Missy said. :) I think it's a cool setting. But the conflict external and romantic isn't specified. With the mention of danger, I was wondering if it was an LIS series, in which case, I can see why they're saying they don't see a hook. Is someone trying to steal the ranch or their gold claim or ????

  4. That's the problem, Sandra. I was trying to figure out a "theme" that connects all three, hence the hook, that would describe all the books in the series. I guess if they were Navy Seals or K-9 cops running the ranch I'd be better off! Ha!


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