Thursday, April 16, 2015

In Between Deadlines

Janet Lee Barton, here. From the title, you can tell I must be in-between deadlines and I am. I've just finished sending in the proposal for my next Boardinghouse Betrothal story and am waiting to see what my editor has to say about it. I hope she likes it as much as I do! I'm also waiting on final edits on the story that comes out in November, which is titled The Mistletoe Kiss. It was so much fun to write. But now,  what to do in the meantime? For me, it means a lot of catching up--or at least trying to!  And still writing some each day is a goal, for I know that it's easier to keep with it than to get back into it.

So while I'm waiting, and in between catching up on housework and gardening, I'm working on a sequel to Stormy's Rainbow that I hope to have out later this summer. This one is called To Win a Cowboy's Heart. It's another reunion story about a woman who broke up with the only man she's ever loved when she found out it would be near impossible for her to ever have a child. When she comes back home because of her aunt's health, she finds he evidently found someone else--for now he's widowed with a child to raise. And she's just accepted an offer to help his mother-in-law with her care. Having lots of fun with this one.

Other than all that, I'm finding it hard to stay inside. I love this time of year, planting and bringing in hanging pots of flowers to put here and there in our small yard and patio.  What do you think of our Hibiscus? It had a ton of buds when I bought it and I just love the color!
I've also been planting in the front--this is the third spring we've spent in our condo and each year, I've tried something a little different to see what works best. I still have to put down mulch, but think this combination of Double Impatiens and Marigolds looks great with the boxwoods--if the wind we've had doesn't get to them.  Hoping you're all having a happy Spring, too!


  1. It's so nice to see bits of spring are happening somewhere on the continent. Not year here, but we are seeing the snow slowly leave. I love that you keep busy between deadlines, and I am sure your editor will love your next proposal!

  2. Beautiful yard!

    Hope they love the new story! You have some great titles. :)

  3. Spring came early in the Sierra Foothills this year. While I'm sad about our water woes, I'm enjoying this glorious weather and the green that will soon turn to gold.

  4. Barb, Missy and Keli, thanks for stopping by!
    Barb, we had some late snow, but when everything began to bloom, it seemed to last longer and be prettier than it had been for several years. I hope the same happens there!

    Thanks Missy! I've been very happy with all my titles! And I just got approval on the new story-so happy about that. Getting back to work on it now. :)

    Keli, I'm sad about your water woes, too, but glad that you are having a beautiful Spring!

  5. Hi sweet Janet!
    I'm so happy that your writing is going so well (and I am LOVING your Boardinghouse series!). :)

    Looks like you've got a green thumb, and your flowers are lovely. The color of that Hibiscus is gorgeous--I've never seen one in that shade, and I love it.
    Hugs, Patti Jo :)

  6. Thank you, Danica! I'm working on the back one now. :)

    And sweet Patti Jo, I think I took that on a cloudy day--we've had a lot of them this year. But it needs lots of sun like all the rest--I have it on rollers so I can make sure it gets enough. And I am so glad you are enjoying my Boardinghouse series!

  7. I'm in this in between time,too--work submitted and waiting to hear back. Being between deadlines is a much needed rest, but it's also incredibly frustrating. I find it easier to rest when I have work to procrastinate. ;)


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