Thursday, April 9, 2015

Anticipation by Merrillee Whren

Our lives are made up of anticipation. We look forward to lots of things. When I was in college, I had a professor who said we shouldn't make a surprise visit to our parents, but we should let them know we were coming so they could have the pleasure of the anticipation of our visit. I have always remembered that. Half the fun of an event is the expectation involved.

Where I live in the desert, I anticipate the blooming of the cacti. Here's a photo that symbolizes anticipation.
The little pods on the top of the saguaro are going to be beautiful white flowers. Here is what they look like.
This is a prickly pear cactus with buds and one bloom. There's a lot of anticipation in those tiny buds.
Here's what a prickly pear looks like with lots of blooms.
Just for fun I'll share some more cacti and their blooms that I've taken in previous years. The cacti are only starting to bloom now. I'm looking forward to the beautiful flowers.

When we read romances, we anticipate the happy ending. We expect that the hero and heroine to find happiness with each other.

I'm anticipating the release of my second Village of Hope book in August, and I'm looking forward to sharing the cover when it's available.What kinds of things are you anticipating?

 Second Chance Reunion, Village of Hope Book #1


  1. How did you get pictures of cacti in my neighborhood? LOL, gotta love Arizona.

  2. Pamela, I love watching the cacti bloom. The first time I came out to visit my daughter and her family and saw the cacti in bloom, I was amazed. I'd seen pictures before, but the real things is awesome.

  3. Lovely pictures, Merrillee. We lived in the Mojave Desert for two years. So many beautiful flowers...lots of pollen too! :)

    Anticipation is so important in suspense. The reader wants to be on the edge of her seat.

    I'm anticipating the RWA Conference in NYC! Looking forward to seeing everyone.

  4. Hi Merrillee,

    Such lovely pictures. I don't usually think of the desert as so colorful.

    Things I'm anticipating -
    in the distance - my October debut.

    Soon (I hope) - For our magnolia to bloom. For the nearly 30 years I have lived here, our magnolia has bloomed by Easter every year no matter how early or late Easter fell. This year, with the cold,hard winter, the buds are just starting to form.


  5. Debby, I'll be looking for you in NYC. That's so true about suspense books.

  6. Mary, how cool that you're anticipating your debut. And double cool that you've been able to watch a magnolia tree for 30 years. I love magnolia blossoms. We saw lots of those when we lived in Georgia and northern Florida.

  7. Your post brought back memories, Merrillee. My grandmother had a cactus garden in the backyard of her Los Angeles home. It wasn't a kid-friendy place, but it sure was unique, just like my Nanny.

    I'm anticipating a trip to Austria in the fall to visit our daughter who will be starting her second year as an English language teaching assistant in two Austrian High Schools. Adriana and I have been IMing on Facebook for weeks, sharing things we want to see and do when my husband and I arrive. The visit will only be three weeks, but the anticipation will last for months.


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