Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Rejection and then...Perspective

Three books with Love Inspired Historical and then WHAM...a rejection.

Having a proposal rejected feels horrible. It feels like the end of my writing career. It feels like my ideas are drivel. Like I might be a three hit wonder.

So when I received the rejection, I laid on my couch and stuffed my face with chips and salsa while watching endless episodes of Criminal Minds and swiping the tears parading down my cheeks.

The next morning I found out that a beautiful couple I'd just met only weekends before passed away that very night that I laid on my couch, feeling sorry for myself.


I'm not crying anymore. But I am typing. And I am dreaming.

Each breath is a gift.

Have you ever experienced a 360 degree turn in your perspective? When was the last time you did a 360 in your life?


  1. First, hugs on the loss of your new friends. No recent 360 turns in my life come to mind, but you are dead on that it's all in the perspective. I often have to go to higher help to remember that.

  2. Thank you for sharing, Jessica. I have definitely had those pity parties, but haven't had the painful jolt of perspective you dealt with. Big hugs. Perspective does come, generally with the new day but sometimes when God reminds me that it is not all about me. His plans. His timing.

  3. Jessica, I'm so sorry for the loss of new friends. Yes, that would bring perspective.

  4. My heart goes out to you in your time of loss, Jessica. At times like that the important things in life do come into focus, don't they?

    I'm sorry about the pass, but I have every confidence you'll come up with a new story idea that wows your editor and delights your readers. After all, you're a talented author.

  5. So sorry for your loss, Jessica. I also had my 4th proposed book idea rejected, so take heart. My seventh book releases in July and I'm sure you likewise have a lot more great ideas in you!

  6. LOL, the pathway to publication is lined with rejections. They make great rocks. You can step on them, jump on them, pour ketchup on them.

    So sorry about the couple. It is humbling.

  7. Sorry for the loss of those precious lives.
    Perspective: Teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts to wisdom.

    Happy new year Beautiful people!

  8. It was very sad. I didn't know them very well, actually, I had just met them, but they were about to be married, were so sweet...it was horrible and a real wake up for me.

    Thank you all for the encouragement!

  9. Good morning, Jessica,

    I'm a day late reading this, but I can very much relate.

    I've been feeling sorry for myself for having to deal with an awful mouse problem, but then I read a story someone posted on FB and had a realization similar to yours. Mine is a mere annoyance by comparison.

    Hugs on the pass. But good for you that you're still typing!

  10. Rejections are always hard, aren't they!

    But they're only a rejection of a story that didn't work for the publishing house. Someone else might find it's a perfect fit for their needs.

    As you mentioned with the couple's passing, everything can change in a blink of an eye. Embracing each day, giving thanks, looking at the glass half-full are ways to put things in their proper place.

    Years ago, an agent rejected my proposal. I didn't write for 6 months. Finally realized I was just hurting myself. :)

  11. Oh, Jessica, I'm so sorry to hear of your troubles. From my perspective (not God's eternal one) I sometimes feel when it rains, it pours. I just keep telling myself God's got my back and then get back in the saddle.

    I had a period where I didn't sell anything for a couple of years due to family issues and then it was rejection after rejection trying to get back into Love Inspired. But the nice thing about Harlequin is that they buy authors, not books, so hang in there and keep working with your editor. <3

  12. I'm sorry for the loss and the rejection.

    As for as a new perspective in my life-- The other day I was complaining of my migraine and I just stopped and said I have no right to complain when my cousin, only 41, was recently given only 4 months to live.


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