Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Cowboy Up...er...On

After having written three books in my Cowboy Country series (Cute cowboys and adorable babies, oh my!), I took a slight detour to write a couple of extra books graciously offered by the editors at Love Inspired—a Western Christmas novella (The Cowboy’s Yuletide Reunion) which will appear as part of the Yuletide Cowboys anthology with the lovely Arlene James in November, and Book Five of a six-book continuity series called Lone Star Cowboy League that starts in October of this year (my book, A Daddy for Her Triplets, is slotted for February 2016.)

While I enjoyed the detour, I’m super stoked to return to my beloved Serendipity, Texas and continue my Cowboy Country series with six newly-contracted books. Many of the heroes and heroines of these stories will be folks you’ve met in previous Serendipity novels, including Jax and Nick McKenna (Slade’s brothers,) Seth Howell (Samantha’s brother) and Vivian Grainger (Alexis’s twin sister.)

Today I’m plotting the first book (working title The Cowboy’s Twins) and finding pictures I can use as writing inspiration. I thought I’d share a few, because I’m nice like that. And you can see the whole board at Pinterest.

Deb Kastner's Love Inspired Classics 2 for 1 is available now:

Her next Cowboy Country novel will be available July 21st.


  1. Deb, it's exciting to head back to familiar towns and characters!

    Congrats on the new release. Love the cover!!

  2. Way to send my ovaries into overdrive!! SO cute!! My babies are big kids now, but seeing all those babies makes me think, wouldn't another one be lovely?? ;) Shh... don't tell hubby... he would NOT agree!

  3. Love the pictures, and congrats on the 6 book contract.

  4. Don't worry, Danica. Your girls will grow up and then you'll get GRANDKIDS, which is the best thing ever!


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