Friday, April 3, 2015

First Friday and a good Friday for all ;) Lenora Worth

It's Good Friday. This was always "planting" day for my daddy. He planted our summer garden on Good Friday. So today, in honor of that memory, I thought I'd plant a new book!

First, let me clarify. I love writing for Love Inspired and Love Inspired Suspense. But sometimes, we get a seed of an idea that just won't go away. I got such a seed but it didn't work for LI. My sweet daddy used to tuck back seeds to use for another time. That's what I did with this story.

But it found a home with Tule Publishing. My first novella for Tule came out this week. Driftwood Cowboy is a short story but with a big heart. This story reflects a lot--tragedy, comedy, longing, doubting and redemption. All of which I've had in my life. I'm so glad I kept this little seed and that it grew into a story of which I'm proud.

I know a lot of authors who are branching out and I think that's a good thing. It means our industry is strong. It means we have opportunities to write stories that might have stayed hidden in a dark corner. It means that working writers can work even more and plant new seeds that become beautiful new stories.

We call this being a "hybrid" writer. Hybrid roses bring about beautiful new plants. Hybrid cars bring about better gas mileage and a kinder footprint on Mother Nature. Hybrid writers bring about more stories for all of our wonderful readers. And I wonder--how do you handle trying something new, planting a new seed, nurturing that seed and watching it sprout? What kind of seed will you plant today?


  1. I love the new book, Lenora! Congrats on the release!

  2. Thank you, Missy. It's exciting to have a new release :)

  3. How exciting, Lenora! Congratulations!
    Sounds like you have fond memories of your sweet Daddy and how he used to plant.
    I always seem to miss my parents even more around holidays.
    Hugs, Patti Jo

  4. CatMom, I do have fond memories. I lost both of my parents when I was in my twenties. They worked hard and went through a lot of trials in their lives. I used to resent growing up on a farm but now I can see it showed me how to work hard and never give up. :)


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