Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The End Might Have Happened Sooner if.....

Pamela Tracy here and this picture of me is way too calm looking.
Really, I've not looked this calm since 2001 - before husband, before son, before multiple deadlines.

Me before husband, son, multiple deadlines.

What I look like now.
Truly, though, I wouldn't have it any other way. 

One of the few things (besides chocolate and prayer) that calms me is my seven-toed cat who refuses to let me put word count before snuggling.  Yup, I've got a twenty pound lap cat named Tyre.  He loves me because I (with the help of my friend Cathy) rescued him from a cage.

Why do people always stare at my toes?
I've had many cats.  When I'm without one, it's like having the review mirror fall off the car.  Something's missing and nothing feels right until it's fixed.

Here's a short video that perfectly depicts the writer/cat relationship.  And, Simon's creator is my hero.  I want to meet him.

This book, Pamela's April 2015 Love Inspired has a dog and lots of horses.
How can you write a Happily Ever After without animals?
Or kids?
Or a train?
Hmmm, maybe you don't need the train.


  1. Love the video short! That is soooo true. My cats do the same shenanigans.

  2. Christine,
    Good, the link worked! My mac isn't letting me upgrade Adobe so all my links are blocked. I hate with updating means no longer possible. Arg.

    Yes, perfect cat/computer/writer portrayal.

  3. A lot of people will identify with that hilarious video. And I identify with what you said about being calmer, pre-husband/child/deadlines.

  4. Funny video Pam, lol. Have a wonderful day!!

  5. I have three cats and that is so correct. They want what they want and will persist to they get it.

  6. I love Simon's Cat! What a great and true cartoon. We have two kittens who always try to edit my stories as I write. Fortunately, I use a laptop, so when one of them stepped on the power strip and turned everything off, the laptop stayed on and I didn't lose my work. LOL!

  7. Lisa,
    Glad you stopped by. You have been in my prayers so often these last few months. We really need to get together.

  8. Margaret, I used to have two cats. Now I have one kid, one cat, one husband. Same thing.

  9. Louise,
    You'll love the cartoons. They are great.

  10. What an entertaining post, Pam, and so Pammy. I loved it. Do more of these.

  11. Cute post! We don't have a cat now, but when we did, he was pretty much like Simon's cat.

  12. I thought my life was going to calm down now that all my kids are grown and out of the house. But my 4 dogs and 1 large bossy cat seems to think that just leaves more time for them. I had to sit up past my bedtime to read Finally a Hero the other night, which suited Tom (the cat) perfectly. He plopped himself on my lap to "help" me read and turn pages. Tom said there should've been a cat in the story, but I loved it just like it was. :)

  13. Connie,
    So good to see you here :)
    Yes, very Pammy (You're the only one I let call me that, you know)

  14. Merrillee,
    So, when you getting the next one?

  15. LeAnne,
    Good to see you here! I always thought the older I got, the more time I'd have.

  16. We have two cats. One of the boys is partial to my husband. The other is high maintenance, kinda like me. NOT to worry. Sandy and I understand one another. He's my mews. He's in the office chair beside mine right now.

  17. Danica,
    You can make a cartoon with a chicken. Too cool.

  18. Keli,
    My husband had never owned a cat until he married me. I came with two (both gone now). Pretty soon, he was a Cat Man.

  19. Your kitty is beautiful!
    Being a CatMom to 5 (and food-supplier to numerous strays in my neighborhood) I cannot imagine not having cats in my life. Especially now that I have an "empty nest" my cats are truly my furry kiddos. :)
    Blessings, Patti Jo

  20. Patti Jo, I can tell by your photo that we are kindred spirits.


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