Monday, August 26, 2019

Back to the Beach and an early release giveaway.

Hola! Jolene Navarro here, checking in from my back porch in the Texas Hill Country. This morning I had to stop as I rushed through the kitchen on my way out the door. The sun threw unreal colors across the sky. The oranges and purples had me in awe of the world God created for us. 
I wanted to settle in and write, but it's the first week of school and I had to get to work. 
I did take a picture so I could try and capture it with watercolors in the studio. If you didn't know I teach art in San Antonio. I have the best of both worlds.

I try and do the same thing in my writing. Take the images from the real world that inspire me and share them with the reader. I want them to see the world that I see as I write. For us to share the dream.

The Texan's Surprise Return, the second book in the series of The Cowboys of Diamondback Ranch will be out Oct 15. It's available for pre-order now.   

The series takes place around a ranch on the Texas Coast. One of my favorite places to visit.
Last time we were there the weather was moody, with dark skies. We had the beach to ourselves as we walked. We even found a sealed bottle with a message inside. 
It was from the Cayman Islands but they had not included a date or their names.

That had me thinking of all sorts of story ideas. 

There is so much inspiration for art and writing on the beach.

This is a mix of manmade items tangles with nature. 

His greatest Christmas gifts…

“Is that you? You’re…you’re 
alive.”An unforgettable family reunion for the holidays.

For three years, Xavier De La Rosa’s family thought he was dead. Now Xavier is back home in Texas for Christmas, and finds a wife he can’t remember and adorable triplets he never knew existed. Can Xavier reclaim his memories and the love he left behind…before he returns to the job that nearly killed him?

 This is my first amnesia story and my first story with triplets. They were so fun to research. I have several sets of twins in my life but I only know one couple that had triplets. These boys stole my heart. Especially the youngest, Oliver. (he is also named after one of my students. :) )

The Texan's Promise next in the series.

This is Belle De La Rosa's story. She has been the one that stayed on the ranch to hold it together.  She's raising two daughters on her own, like she has done everything else in life.  Quinn, the single father of twin girls and a young son, moves to the ranch and shakes up her world. 

It's available for preorder and will be in stores Feb 18. 2020. Cover coming soon. 

Sometimes finding common ground is easier said than done…

He’s in town on a mission…Will she change his mind?

When a lightning storm lands Quinn Sinclair on single mom Belle De La Rosa’s ranch, she finds herself drawn to the handsome conservationist and his children. Belle isn’t looking for love—not while she’s trying to sell part of her ranch to developers to stay afloat. But when she discovers that Quinn’s purpose in town is to stop the sale, can she trust him…with her heart?

Cowboys of Diamondback Ranch

This story was inspired by the work that is being done to protect the coastal lands that run 400 miles along Texas.

Texas is home to many endangered marine species. There are four types of turtles that call it home at least one time out of the year. 
So The Texan's Surprise Return is an amnesia story with triplets and The Texan's Promise is an enemy to lover's theme with a blended family.  

Is there a story type you get excited about as soon as you see the blurb? 

Tell me your favorite theme and you could win a copy of The Texan's Secret Daughter or an early copy of The Texan's Surprise Return...your choice. 


  1. What a great post, Jolene. I love your pictures. You have such an artistic eye. Beach vacations and outings are the best. It's where I feel the most at home. That message in the bottle is so intriguing. I really want to know what it said. And you're so right. You could include that in one of your books. I love the cover for The Texan's Surprise Return. Who doesn't love a gorgeous hero and triplets?

  2. LOL - Those triplets are so cute and the way he has his full attention on them. sigh. The message was a cocktail napkin from a bar with a number to a catering company. We looked it up. But no person message. That was a let down. I had all four of my kids with me and they made it a mission to open the bottle and get the message without breaking the glass. They finally gave in and just broke it open. The challenge was fun but the end was a little disappointing. Whoever threw it into the ocean had done a good job of sealing the bottle though. I love the water pictures you post on facebook

    1. That was a perfectly good waste of a bottle!!!

  3. I love the beach, any beach. Unfortunately Kansas no longer has one. It did once. it was an inland sea but that was before my time. LOL. Thanks for the beautiful picture. I look forward to spending time with your new book.

    1. Thank you. LOL I was wondering if I had missed something about ocean front in Kansas. :)

  4. I love reading about twins because there are so many that runs in the family. Also have a set of triplets who just turned seventeen this year.

    1. Triplets, wow. We have a few sets of twins in my family, but no triplets. :)

  5. I spent last week at the beach in Florida. Love the Gulf Coast and hope to visit some of the Texas beaches one of these days. I lived in El Paso as a new bride. Lots of sand but no ocean or gulf! :)

    Your new cover is eye-catching! Love that hero and those little guys. Really tugs at the heartstrings! Congrats, Jolene!

  6. Texas has a very diverse eco-system. The lower to go on the coast the better the beaches. South Padre is my favorite. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Thanks, Jolene, for sharing that beautiful sunset. And how wonderful that you have the gift to work with watercolors. I envy you. Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. Looking forward to reading this

  9. I don't have a favorite I enjoy almost everything.

  10. Wow, what a great cover...and your book sounds so amazing. Hope I get to read it!


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