Tuesday, August 13, 2019

In with the New

How is everyone’s summer going? It’s hot, hot, hot here in Colorado, although it does occasionally rain in the evenings. We’re trying to keep our energy bill from skyrocketing by using fans most of the time, but the air conditioning still goes on in the afternoon when we’re all sweltering.

My oldest daughter and her family (including my granddaughter) moved to the Seattle area to be near my son-in-law’s mother, and they’re having quite an adventure trying to get settled. I really miss them, even though we Facetime. It’s just not the same. I want to reach out and touch them and can’t.

My middle daughter is now the General Manager of not one, but TWO Metrolux movie theaters in Utah. It’s a super exciting job because Sundance uses these theaters come January—I think that would be a GREAT time for us to visit, even though we’d probably see little of my daughter. But…a movie star or two, perhaps?

What’s truly amazing about Middle is she got a job in concessions when she turned 16. Yes, working at the movie theater was her first and basically only job. She’s worked her way up in the company. Look out, District Manager under the age of 30!!

Youngest is likewise experiencing change. She is an Assistant Manager at Sam’s Club working her way up to General Manager. She’s the one they call when they need someone to step in as General Manager for a week, so I don’t think it will be long now. In the meantime, she just moved into her first solo apartment (she’s always shared living expenses with friends.) Boo even has his own room!

As for Joe and me, our family has grown. We’ve welcomed a bonded pair of Tuxedo kittens into our home.

Dab and Hype (thanks to Boo for providing us with really cool contemporary dance move names) are super fun and such a blessing.

Things are changing in my writing world, as well. My very last book located in fictional Serendipity, Texas, Her Forgotten Cowboy, will be out this week. It’s really hard for me to break away from this town after writing sixteen books set there, but it’s time.

She can’t remember the past
He can’t imagine a future without her in 
Cowboy Country

Suffering amnesia after a car accident, Rebecca Hamilton arrives back in Serendipity, Texas, pregnant and seeking the baby’s father—her estranged husband, Tanner. Returning to the ranch house they once shared is her best chance at regaining her memories. But will recalling the tragic reason they separated only drive a bigger wedge between Rebecca and the man she’s falling for all over again?

I am excited to announce I've signed for six more books for Love Inspired!!! I'm moving on to my new series set on a Christmas tree farm in fictional Whispering Pines, Colorado. I’ve been wanting to write some books set in my home state for a while now so I’m super excited about that. Plus, the six book series involves the six-sibling Winslows training service dogs--and there will be lots of cowboys and kids, of course.

Change is scary, but I’m super excited about what the future holds. We’re safe in God’s hands, right?
I hope your summer was filled with blessings!


  1. Such adorable kittens, Deb! And congratulations on the new series! I can empathize about missing kids, too. What would we ever do without internet and phone calls?

  2. Congrats to your daughters and their hard work paying off with great jobs. Like their mom, no doubt!

    Your kittens are precious!

    So thrilled to learn about your new series. Sounds like it has the right ingredients for wonderful stories your readers will love. Bet you're excited. Starting a new adventure is always fun!


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  4. hi me clark So thrilled to learn about your new series. Sounds like it has the right ingredients for wonderful stories your readers will love. Bet you're excited. starting a new adventure is always fun


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