Monday, August 5, 2019

August is HERE!

These are the dog days of summer! Here in the Pacific Northwest August is one of our hottest months. Though to be honest we had some hot days in June and July. So unusual for us.  Often we head to the Oregon coast where the temps are cooler. What do you do to stay cool?

I have a new release this month! I have to confess this was a hard book to write. I had a second surgery on my wrist (I broke it the year before) and was struggling to get my work done.  Through the break in my wrist, two surgeries and hours of PT, I learned to dictate with Dragon Anywhere on my iPhone. Talk about a learning curve. But God had my back. He put people in my life who helped me and encouraged me through the difficulties. 
I love how God orchestrates life. I'll admit I was nearing burn out when I broke my wrist and the fracture forced me to have some down time. It also forced me to learn a new way of writing. I would never have tried dictation if I hadn't been desperate to finish my contracted books. Now I love it. For my first draft. I dictate a chapter in an hour, just barf it out with words on the page. Which also made me realize how much I enjoy revising.

Have you had a difficult circumstance happen that changed the course of your life?

I'd love to hear about it. Commiserate together and rejoice in coming through it.

Below read about my new release and mark your calendars for some guest blogging dates where I'll be doing some giveaways of these guys
Her investigation could prove fatal…

In this exciting True Blue K-9 Unit installment

By secretly investigating the New York City K-9 Command Unit chief’s murder, reporter Rachelle Clark puts a bull’s-eye on her back. Single dad and K-9 unit officer Carter Jameson thought Rachelle was reporting on police-field-dog trials—not his brother’s death. Though he’s not happy about her true purpose, the danger is real…and he and his trusty German shepherd must save her.

Over on the Harlequin site, print copies of Seeking the Truth are offered at a discount.  And if you spend $20 you get free shipping.

Check out the Fresh Fiction contest page to find my contest to celebrate the release of Seeking the Truth. 

August 5-8th I’ll be co-hosting with Karen Krist for the week on the Love Inspired Readers and Authors FB page
Stop in and say hello. There will be giveaways and other fun content.

August 8th Stop by Harlequin Junkie for a fun interview and giveaway.

August 9th   On the Some Assembly Required blog, I’ll be talking about how I prepped my kids for school each year.

August 13th On the Inkslinger Blog I’ll be sharing the first meet between the hero and heroine of Seeking the Truth

August 17th Have you heard about Bookstore Romance Day  
Local bookstores all across the country are doing a big romance book signing.
I’ll be signing at Jan’s Paperbacks in Beaverton along with several other local authors.

And for the month of August, Daughter of Texas is on sale for .99.  If you haven't read the Texas Ranger Justice series this is a good time to start!
Discover the Texas Ranger Justice series where danger lurks in the Lone Star State

Texas Ranger Ben Fritz would give his life to protect Corinna Pike. After all, she’s his captain’s beloved daughter—and the only witness to her father’s murder. When the assassin targets Corinna, Ben dedicates himself to her safety…while keeping his distance. The beautiful ballerina deserves better than a rough-and-tough ranger. Yet Corinna refuses to ignore the draw between them, just as she refuses to give in to fear as danger grows. Ben will need her courage—and love—to guide him through the line of fire when the killer strikes again.

Originally published in 2011


  1. Good morning, Terri. It was wonderful to see you (however briefly) at RWA. Wish I could go to the Oregon Coast with you. That's a place I've always wanted to visit. A few years ago, I saw video of the Neskowin Ghost Forest, and I so wanted to explore it.

    I've had a lot of things happen in the past few years. I guess the biggest lesson I've learned is that I have to trust in God and just keep going. I saw a meme today that said something about remembering to do everything for the Lord. Must remind myself repeatedly.

    I hope your wrist is finally improving. I'd love to hear more about writing with Dragon. I hate sitting, so pacing and dictating might work for me. Maybe.

    1. HI Cate, it was great to see you too. It was more in passing. Conference was hard for me this year. I was on the verge of tears most of the time. But things are better now. My dog was having some issues and everyday I was on the phone with the vet. We figured it out though.
      Yes, trust God is a must and something I had to repeat to myself during conference and everyday. Writing by typing is getting easier but I'm not nearly as fast as I used to be so dictation has really helped with that. The sitting can be tiresome and not good for our health. I'm in the process of buying a stand up desk. Anything to make the whole process smoother.
      For dictating, start by dictating all of your emails and texts. That will get you used to voicing your thoughts.

  2. Terri, so glad your wrist is getting stronger. I need to try dictation. Your mention of a chapter in an hour caught my eye.

    Let us know how you like your stand-up desk. We all sit for too many hours!

    Good seeing you at RWA!

    1. Hi Debby, I will report back on the desk once I have it up and working. There was a talk at conference on dictation by our own Danica Favorite.

    2. Oh, I'll have to look for that when the recordings become available. Thanks, Terri.

  3. Hi Terri! Gosh I can't believe we're in August. It was great to see you in New York. What a beautiful dog on your latest cover. I know it's suspense but the dog looks so noble and heartwarming. I'm a huge dog fan. It sounds like you're super busy with engagements which is wonderful. Before we know it September will be here. It will be my daughter's last year of high school sniff sniff. Blessings.

    1. Hi Belle, that last year of high school is always so bittersweet. Both of mine are in college now and I miss their high school days. LOL
      I love the dog on the cover too! So regal.


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