Monday, August 12, 2019

Summer Critters (Warning--Pictures!)

by Jill Kemerer

All summer I've been taking walks whenever possible, and I've encountered a LOT of critters! Now, I'll be the first to admit I'm a big baby when it comes to the creepy-crawlies. Spiders make me scream; snakes give me heart attacks. And since I'm a drama queen, I took lots of pictures to prove I had reasons to be afraid.

First up, I was just walking along, minding my own business when I almost stepped on this little guy. Yes, it took ten minutes for my pulse to return to normal!

This spider? HUGE. And in the bathroom at the park I was visiting. Yikes! In my mind, this is one step away from a tarantula.

In June, my girlfriend joined me on a research trip to the nearby Lake Erie islands, and we were both shocked at how late the Mayflies appeared this year. Here they are on my leg and covering a pole (they are harmless but icky!).

Also on this trip, we got to see what was under the black mats on one of the islands--it wasn't a pleasant surprise! To be fair, scientists research these snakes, so there's that.

I came across this adorable toad sunning himself while I was walking the other day. I don't mind frogs and toads. I like his pose.

Finally, in July we spent a week in Florida. We saw all three of these on the same night. The tiny crab was my favorite!

Not pictured? The raccoon that climbed the tree right outside the deck! The little guy was too fast for me...

What critters have you encountered recently? Which ones do you like more than others?

Enjoy your Monday!


Jill Kemerer is a Publishers Weekly bestselling author of inspirational romance novels for Harlequin Love Inspired. She loves coffee, M&Ms, a stack of books, and long walks outdoors. She resides in Ohio with her husband and two almost-grown children. Please visit her website,, and sign up for her newsletter.

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  1. Jill, thanks so much for sharing your walk adventures. Many dear. Several doe have twins. A few snakes. One very bad guy, (a copperhead!). Those guys are supposedly deadly, though I don't want to get close enough to find out.

  2. I love baby deer! I don't love copperheads--yikes!! I'd be running!!

  3. Well these are fun pictures. Unfortunately I have this high pitched scream that pops out of my mouth when I see critters of any kind. (Today it was a possum in the back yard that our beagle had killed.) Hubby says I'm going to give him a heart attack one day. Thanks for sharing your critters!

  4. Enjoyed your photos, Jill! We recently moved back to Texas and have encountered some interesting critters around our home here on the edge of the Hill Country. We've seen armadillos roaming the neighborhood, a road runner, lots of deer, and even a tarantula on our front porch one morning! Also a couple of scorpions but--YAY!!!--both were dead by the time I came across them. When we lived in Charlotte, I was very nervous about copperheads. Our poor puppy dog got a glancing bite on her paw one day while running through the backyard. It was minor, but we could tell she hurt so bad!

  5. I've never heard of Mayflies so I learned something new. :) Those black snakes you saw were quite large...and you were close to them. YUCK!

    We lived in the Mojave Desert and tarantulas were common. So were coyotes. Also, we once had a copperhead in our garage.

    Here in Georgia we have deer, beaver, a red fox, lots of birds and geese and ducks. Scorpions too.


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