Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Small towns and summertime parades Roxanne Rustand

I just returned home from ten days in rural Wisconsin with three of our grandkids, while their parents were in Hungary and Austria.  I had been wondering if I could come up with enough activities to keep everyone entertained, but between the list their mom wrote and a few ideas of my own, the days flew. At least for me! Now I'm back home, and miss being with the grandkids more than ever!

I love small towns and rural life--the wide-open spaces, the feeling of community. The celebrations--the county fairs and parades.

My husband and I live on an acreage with our three horses, rescue dogs and a flock of friendly barn cats (all neutered), and all of my books for Love Inspired have been set in small towns or ranch country, where I feel right at home.

Hmmm..."flock" didn't sound quite right for describing our cats so I got sidetracked here and had to look up the correct term.
I had  NO idea that a group of cats is  called a "clowder of cats," a "glaring of cats," a "pounce of cats," or a "destruction of cats." A clowder?!  A glaring, pounce, or destruction of cats made me giggle!

At any rate, it was fun being in beautiful, rural Wisconsin, with the rolling hills and trees, beautiful parks, and lovely lakes.  It was also fun to go to the local parade, where the two oldest grandkids were on a 4H float.

The parade was amazing.  It's a  very small, one-stoplight town, but all of the communities in the region send their floats, bedecked with princesses, to each other's town celebrations.  I lost count at ninety-six units going by!

Marching bands.  Horses. Float after float after float, all topped with the beaming princesses and  royal courts from their town.

 The Shriners, whizzing by on their little go-karts.  A polka band atop an antique green
hearse.  :)  That's quite a group. Click on the photo to see them better!

Have you seen or done anything fun and memorable this summer? Maybe had some nice visits with family or friends? Read any good books?

Anyone leaving a comment here will be in a drawing for my newest book High Country Homecoming (Love Inspired, June, 2019.)

All the best to you!
Roxanne Rustand


  1. Small-town parades are the best, Roxanne! I miss the days when our girls were in marching band and participated in our town's annual Fourth of July parade. It was also fun to wave at all the people we knew riding on the floats or in decked-out cars or pickups.

    As for our summer fun, we just had a great visit with our daughter and family who have been living in Jordan the last two years. And in a few weeks we'll head to Montana for our #1 grandson's wedding. It has GOT to be cooler there than it's been here in Central Texas!!!

    1. What a thrill, getting to see your daughter and her family after so long!! Are they going back? Are you able to Skype when they are away? I can only imagine how hot it is in Central Texas. Whew!

    2. Yes, they're back in Jordan now, but we are able to keep in touch often, thanks to the internet. Wish they could have visited earlier in the summer when it wasn't so hot here!

  2. I love your post, Roxanne. It reminds me so much of summers in Cape cod and all the town parades in Hyannis. I'm feeling nostalgic. I love that you were able to spend time with the grandkids while yours were overseas. You made memories those kids will never forget. Enjoy these last few days of summer. Blessings.

    1. Thank you, Belle. Did you vacation often in Cape Cod? It sounds just wonderful!!

  3. Hi Roxanne,
    I spent a week in coastal Maine and the following week at RWA in Times Square. Talk about differences. Yet each appeal to me in their own separate way. Well, not Times Square, per se, but NYC in general.
    My only experience with small town parades was the 4th of July parade in the town where we vacationed when I was little. It was lots of fun.

    1. I LOVE coastal Maine! I'd never been there, until we took a cruise from Quebec City up the Saint Lawrence, then down the East Coast. I adore lobster!! And I had always wanted to try a lobster rolls--since seeing a recipe in Bon Appetit back in the mid 1980s. Finally got one! :)

  4. I have to agree that small town parades are the best. In Abilene Ks a parade kicks off the Central Kansas Free Fair. The highlight of the parade is watching the little kids collect candy that is thrown from the floats and by people in the parade until the very last truck comes by. Then it's time for the adults to get scrambling because the truck is from our Russell Stover candy factory and they hand out huge boxes of chocolates. Then it's watch out toddlers, grandma is gonna get some.

    1. Wow--I wish Stovers was here. It would be such fun! :) What a great idea, having a treat for the adults at the end of the parade, so they don't start drifting away before all of the floats have gone by!

  5. I love small town living...and your books. Read 3 of them last month and HCH was one....loved it! Glad you enjoyed the grands......nothing like having grands!

  6. I'm on a mission to read all of your Aspen Creek Crossroads series....have to get books 2, 3 and 5 to finish this wonderful series....loved it.


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