Monday, September 28, 2009

Old friends, old loves

This is Janet Tronstad here saying hi from sunny Southern California. I just got off the phone with an old friend (someone I dated for a few years a decade ago). His call reminded me once again of how wonderful it is to have 'old' friends. He remembers so much of where I've been that there's no reason to explain and explain. I have a couple of female friends who've known me forever as well and I love them all. It reminds me of that nostalgic television show Cheers that will be forever remembered as the place where 'everyone knows my name.' Being with my long-time friends makes me feel that way, but some other places do as well -- church for one, times with my brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews for another. How about you? Where are the places or times when you feel known?


  1. How fun to get in touch, Janet! I feel that sense when I get to see writer friends that know me well from our online emails.

    I also feel that when I get back together with my college roommates. :)

  2. Missy -- I love to meet up with old classmates, too. This summer I had lunch with a woman I went to school with so very long ago (it was fun -- the first time we'd seen each other since we graduated from high school).

  3. I have a perfect story for this! Lol....

    There was a boy who I went to elementary school with. Everyone is friends in elementary school, but Josh hung out in the group I was in specifically. Anyway, through middle school and the past 3 years of high school, I never saw him. We didn't have classes or anything together. Now, we have lunch together and eat together every day. It is fantastic! I didn't realize how much I missed spending time with him. He's still the great guy(well I remember him as the shy little boy who I helped get out of his shell) that I remember : ) I'm hoping that we can/will stay friends now!

  4. Oh, Hannah, how very nice. He sounds like a keeper kind of a friend.

  5. I felt known and loved for 40 years. When I was in third grade, the Sunday School Teacher I had lived not far from me. I spent a lot of time at her house. She was very very special to me and I could call her anytime and visit. I knew all her kids, grandkids and some of her great grandchildren. I miss her so much as she was always only a phone call away for 40 years.
    My Mother has Alhemizers right now and my family is going to put her in a Nursing Home. It won't be long because she won't feel at home there. But she keeps trying to run away from home too. I have suffered so much hurt from my brothers and sisters that I feel I have lost my whole family in Illinois. I only have the family here - my husband and kids.
    My church family has been more of family to me than my family.
    Janet - I love your books. Same for you too Missy.

  6. Squiresj (is it Jane? - if so, hi) -- What a blessing that woman has been to you! I know the heartache of families -- I have a brother who is estranged from us (won't even talk to me on the phone). It's hard. I'm glad you have your church family. Sometimes family that 'chooses' you is the best.



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