Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Thanks to our Faithful Readers!

Lyn Cote here!

This month my two Love Inspired romances Finally Home & Finally Found will be reissued as a Love Inspired Classic. The reissuing of our "backlist" of books and the way they sell out is quite a compliment to us. Thank you from me and the other Love Inspired authors whom you support by buying our books and telling friends and booksellers and librarians about our books. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

If you didn't buy our books, read them and recommend them to friends and family, there would be no Love Inspired romances. If readers don't buy our books, editors won't ask us for more stories and then Love Inspired would be no more.

Our publisher's headquarters is in New York City. And they tell us that our books receive more reader letters than all their other romance lines. I know I get a lift when I hear from a reader. I never know what hearts God will touch with my stories. It's so interesting to hear readers who found hope and encouragement in my stories that I didn't know I'd written in there!

If you'd like to win a copy of Finally Home & Finally Found, drop by my blog and leave a comment this month. I'm giving away one copy a week in a drawing of those who leave comments. Also I "came clean about The Preacher's Daughter" on another group blog. The Preacher's Daughter is the unofficial sequel to Finally Home & Finally Found. Click blog and read it; it's kind of a funny story of mix-ups.

Anyway, hope you had a great Labor Day and have a golden autumn to boot!

Lyn Cote
Her Inheritance Forever, 8-18-09
Every woman has a story! Share yours.


  1. I remember reading that blog post, Lyn. These books sound very good! One question though...are they linked? I can't remember if they carry over characters?

    By the way, the 4 readers who get the 2 books are very lucky! : )

  2. Yes, Finally Home, Finally Found and The Preacher's Daughter all have repeating characters. Just the names change in the 3rd. And yes, those 4 got lucky!

  3. Lyn is a great author and I really like to read her book. I also like all the interview on this blog.



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