Friday, September 18, 2009


Just call me Merrillee--suitcase will travel. Sometimes, I think I should forget putting my suitcase back in the attic. A number of my trips this year have been to Chicago to babysit my granddaughter. That's what I'm doing now while her mom and dad are flying to Arizona to see about moving there.

I like to travel, and I usually leave packing until the last minute. I know that's bad, but it's a habit I haven't been able to break. Flying can be a hassle, but I like the opportunity to watch and study people. Maybe it's the writer in me that has me taking in the way people interact. There are the business travelers with their computers and cellphones. I still haven't gotten used to the people who sit in airports and appear to be talking to themselves when they are using one of those bluetooth gizmos or microphone with a cellphone. Then there are the families with small children who have had to take half their house with them in order to provide for the kids. There are the folks who need wheelchairs. There are the seasoned travelers who pay no attention to the flight attendants giving the emergency instructions, and there are the first-timer flyers who hang on the flight attendant's every word.

I like a window seat so I can see out and look at the tiny cars and neatly laid out cities and towns. It's fun to see if I can recognize places from the air--like the time we flew over the Wake Forest University campus where one of my daughter's went to college or the time I picked out my own house from the air or the time I flew on the Fourth of July and saw four different fireworks displays as we started our approach to the Jacksonville airport.

On this most recent trip, I sat next to a woman who was reading on a Kindle. I had never seen one up close. So I asked her how she liked it. She told me that she was very pleased with it. She asked me what I was reading, and that opened up an opportunity to talk about Steeple Hill, since I was reading a Love Inspired book. We talked for a while, then we proceeded to read. By the end of the flight, I had finished my book. Even though she was reading on a Kindle, I offered her the book which, of course, contained a couple of my bookmarks. She gladly accepted the book. I hope she reads it, and that we gain a new fan.

Do you like to travel? Why or why not?


  1. I love to travel but I won't fly so I travel by car which means I don't see the things you see from a plane but there are interesting sights along the highways and the chance to see them. I frequently make a side trip if I see something interesting or plan a trip back to something I saw. As for packing--I start packing the night before I leave and finish up the morning I leave although there are somethings I leave in my suitcase all the time.

  2. Ellen,
    I also like to travel by car when I have lots of time to get to my destination. You are right about nice side trips you can take while traveling by car.


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