Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ah, the Christmas Menu!

Linda Goodnight here, thinking about food. Christmas dinner to be exact. We have a very big family—seven incredible kids, most of whom are now married with kids of their own, and everyone comes home to our house for Christmas. Every year I cook the same things: Turkey and ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls, and veggies-usually corn, green beans, yams, and a relish tray (not to mention a mountain of waist-expanding desserts). This year, I’d love to add something new to the main menu but I’m stumped. Anyone care to share a favorite holiday recipe that might grace the Goodnight table? What’s cookin’ at your house for Christmas dinner?


  1. We use to have the roast turkey and some roast Lamb and veggies. then sweets we had plum pudding but after it they stopped putting money in it we opted for different ice creams and a pavlova.
    Not sure what to suggest for you.

  2. Linda, how about dressing the green beans up as a green bean casserole (the recipe which is on the can of those yummy fried onions you put on top). :) I love that casserole!

  3. Green bean casserole is good--especially for those of us who like veggies. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Jenny, what is a pavolova? And is plum pudding really made of plums? Neither of those is familiar to me, but they sound interesting.

  4. Hi Linda,

    One year my grandma added homemade macaroni and cheese to her Thanksgiving table and it was a huge hit with the kids!


  5. pavlova is a desert and yummy

    and plum puddings are made with mixed fruit not plums.

    sorry for the delay im in the city now and not online alot

  6. Oh my. This pavlova dessert sounds amazing. I love meringue based goodies. YUM!

  7. Hi Linda!
    Sorry for being SO late!

    We have dinner at my grandparent's house every year. Usually there are about 14 of us in all. We have the same thing for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, turnip, squash, corn, peas, stuffing, gravy, homemade pickles, olices, homemade cinnamon and plain rolls. Then the desert: chocolate, pecan, apple, mince, and pumpkin pie with either vanilla ice cream or homemade whipped cream on top : ) SOOOOO yummy!!
    Sorry again and now you've made me hungry!


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