Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Our Holiday Theme: Christmas Ways & Frays

Lyn Cote here! We Craftie Ladies of Romance decided to share
Ways that we celebrate Christmas and the Frays of Christmas, meaning the unexpected things that happen when we let the holidays get too stressful. If you'd like a refreshing list of Ways to de stress this holiday season (meaning Thanksgiving through New Year's Day), drop by my blog. My friend Christine Smart is sharing how she de-stressed her holidays. Great suggestions!

I'm also celebrating having my second Love Inspired Historical come out this month on the 8th, the day after my daughter's birthday. It was interesting to give birth to my daughter on Pearl Harbor Day, but it would have been more fun if she hadn't been 12 days overdue! But more about that when I post on the 22nd!

What is the first thing you do to start preparing for the holidays? And am I the only one trying to decide whether or not to send Christmas cards this year?


  1. The first thing I do is get the Christmas decorations out of the attic(thanks to my daughter, who has to do that),than we decorate.As for Christmas cards I have just started sending them out.
    Blessings.Congrats on your next Love Inspired historical. I love your books

  2. Lyn, I used to do cards way back when but after my kids were born I just didn't have the engery anymore and then no money to spend on them. Hmmm. I still don't have the energy or the money. LOL
    We start decorating the day after Thanksgiving. Our tree is up and the house looks so festive.

  3. I love sending Christmas cards. I try to send to readers who are so devoted that they send me a note with every book. I search for the "just-right" cards. Love doves, anything with peace on earth, or of course, shoes! I have some of all of those to send. So that is one of the first things on my Christmas "to-do" list. Let's hope I get it done!

  4. I admire you for doing that, Lenora. I am thinking I may not do but a few cards so people know I'm still alive. I always worry if I don't hear from someone. I wonder if anybody ever wonders about me?

    We haven't started decorating but I have been cleaning out so we can decorate whenever!

    And April, thanks for your vote of confidence!

  5. I usually have to clean up first, too, Lyn. I'm trying to organize now. And I'm getting my carpets cleaned on Thursday. Then we'll get the tree this weekend!

  6. Not sure what I do first. This year I sent some of the overseas cards first then put up the tree and more cards.
    I have half the tree decorated just the frosting to go.
    I have also done some of my cookies and have all my presents organized I think

  7. The first thing I do is get my outdoor nativity set out and set up in front of the house. That's where I start. Dec 2nd is my grandson's birthday. He is 16 today. To make his birthday special, I started a tradition of having him help decorate my tree and the inside of my home. Now both he and his sister look forward to it.

  8. Lyn,
    Im going to the city on the 16th then back for one night the 22nd and of to Melbourne the next day for Christmas and the cricket.
    I need to get things done early and Iwant to enjoy the tree.
    Also money is tight this year (tighter than most) so have been buying things during the year and have made recipe books for the family. they wanted mum's recipies so I have typed some and scan many for them and bound the booklets.

  9. I used to decorate the whole house but this is the first year we have put up a tree in years, we usually go to one of the kid's homes and it is just too hard to put it all up and take it all down. We just hurt too much. Old folks do that you know.


  10. We've had the Christmas tree up for a week, but no decorations. My son did put one of his trains on a lower branch. The outside is done with blow up snowmen and icicles. It's finals week coming at the college I teach at and I'm exhausted. I love doing Christmas cards, though.


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