Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Christmas memory

By Margaret Daley
My son and his family came to dinner last Sunday night. I had so much fun with my four granddaughters (ages 8 months to 9 years). What was great was seeing them play with the Christmas village I've had for years. My oldest granddaughter wanted to see how many cars I had so she lined them up on the floor to count. Well, my 2 year old had to help her. She counted to five then had to turn it over to her big sis. (Big sis has been teaching her to count.) I loved listening to them pretend with the people. And of course, they had to rearrange them. Another neat activity we did that evening was to decorate the grandchildren's Christmas tree we have for them (smaller one with their special ornaments). These are Christmas memories I will remember for years. What are some Christmas memories you have?

Have a blessed Christmas.


  1. I love the village! And I'm sure your grandbabies will continue to be enthralled for many years.
    Here in Portland we have a raceway that gets decked out with lights and scenes. We all pile in the car and drive through. My husband lets the kids take turns driving around the course as we view all the pretty light sculptures. Also for the past four years we've headed to the Aladdin Theather to hear The Trail Band. They put on a wonderful Christmas musical event. Its led by the married duo who made it big in the eighties as Quarterflash.

  2. I have a lot of really good Christmas memories but one that I really remember is my grandmother's tree. This was back in the late 40's~early 50's. She would always have a silver metallic tree sitting on a card table with all the presents under the table.

  3. I love hearing about people's Christmas memories. Keep them coming.

  4. Oh, how sweet, Margaret! I love the idea of a grandchild tree. :)

    I have special memories of going to our late night candle light service on Christmas Eve.


  5. Terri, I remember Quartflash! :)

    Ellen, I always have good memories of my grandparents' tree. Especially the year we were playing hide and seek where my cousin hid behind the tree, and she knocked it over!! It was awful, but SO funny!! :)

  6. Oh I love your village. how long did it take to collect it.
    that is so cool and the kids playing with it is special. Its something they will always remember doing at Christmas.
    I remember the year Dad died was going to be a hard christmas but a friend invited us to there place. I was 12 and this lady had lost her husband a few years earlier. She and her daughter invited us and one other daughter and son in law and at that stage 2 children one a baby and one about 1 and a half or so. It was special we had lunch and they had a lovely tree also and had gifts and lots of fun for the afternoon and we would go home about 4pm I think that first year we also went out to tea/dinner/supper We continued going out for lunch for about 6 or 7 years. It was really special.

  7. Ausjenny, I collected the village over years. I don't anymore but I do put it out, especially for the grandkids.
    Missy, my son knocked over the Christmas tree when he was little because he was back behind it checking out his presents.


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