Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Our Christmas snow

This year we had a blizzard warning issued for Christmas Eve. We ended up with 7-8 inches of snow and a white Christmas. Instead of my son and his family coming over for Christmas Day, my husband and I were out shoving the snow from our driveway so it would be easier to get out (we felt the effects of shoving the next day--moving a little slower). My son, his wife and my four grandchildren did come on Saturday for a belated Christmas. We hadn't had a white Christmas in seven years.

This evening we are having part two of snow. A few more inches have fallen here to add to the other inches that haven't melted because the temperature has been so low.

Although Christmas Eve service was cancelled, they are going to perform part of it on January 3rd. I'm really looking forward to going--unless it snows again. Oh well, in the winter you have to be prepared to rearrange your plans in case of bad weather.

How was your Christmas? Sunny? Snowy? Warm? Cold?


  1. Our Christmas was wonderful, but then we don't get snow in the greater Phoenix area. It did feel Xmasy, but that's because there have been clouds hovering low for more than a week, but we've only gotten a splattering of rain. My big complaint. I want to wash the car, but if I did, it really would rain.

  2. We had a light dusting, which was pretty and required no shoveling. Big flakes coming down but melting on impact, so it was gorgeous without all the hard work and aching back from shoveling.

    Glad you all had a white Christmas except for the shoveling and belated get together.


  3. We ended up with a whopping 25+ inches of snow here in Grand Forks, ND

  4. The weather her was ok. I had to wear jeans as it was a little chilly but i had short sleeves on. it was a nice day. I enjoyed the day at the zoo.

  5. We had a very nice Christmas here in Georgia, although the weather was overcast and chilly. No white Christmas here *sigh* but maybe one year....LOL! ~ Your snow looks beautiful, Margaret! Thanks for sharing those pics. Hugs, Patti Jo

  6. Hi Margaret:

    We had exactly the same winter conditions here and we also had to put off Christmas until Saturday. It was a missing Friday but still we had a great White Christmas.


  7. Vince, I loved the white Christmas but wished I could have seen my family on that day. Postponing was all right--gave me something to look forward to.

    Ausjenny, our zoo always decorates for Christmas. I do like chilly weather for Christmas. I grew up on the Gulf Coast and it often didn't feel like Christmas to me.

    Abi--25 inches of snow would shut this place down totally for days if not longer. We don't have the equipment to handle that.

    Thanks for sharing your Christmas, Pamela, Cheryl and Patti Jo.


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