Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lyn Cote & How I Made God Laugh

Lyn's dh and daughter & Lyn

Lyn Cote here! When my dh and I decided it was time to start our family, I said that the only month I didn't want to have a child was December. I often imagine God hearing this and giving a big belly laugh. (I believe God has a great sense of humor.) Because of course he knew that I was going to have both my son and my daughter in December!

However, I discovered that having December babies had many special touches. On both delivery mornings, the hospital practically cleared out the maternity ward. As I had already demonstrated, most women don't want to have babies at Christmas. So soon it was just me, a few other lucky moms and the nurses. I got a lot of care and watched the nurses decorate the maternity ward for Christmas.

When I took my newborn home, I found that night feedings were very cozy, sitting near the Christmas tree and listening to Christmas carols. And Christmas morning was never so special than with my new little son and then 3 years later my daughter.

I'll never forget on the mornings after my deliveries, I lay in my bed and watched the light snow drift down onto the pine grove around the hospital. Lovely. Perfect. Just how God had planned it!

Here are my two children at our son's Halloween wedding hall.

If you're a mother, did you have a Christmas baby? Or were you a Christmas baby? Our best man was born on Christmas.


  1. How funny, Lyn!

    No, no Christmas babies for me. My son was due on Dec. 22 but decided to come Dec. 11. And that's close enough for me! :)

  2. I'm jealous. Both mine came late. And neither was born on Christmas, just close enough.

  3. I had a February baby. He was born on President's Day and the maternity ward was so empty that the recovery nurse keep me for so long (we were talking) my husband had call down and ask if I was ever coming to the hospital room where he was waiting.
    I think having a Christmas baby would be wonderful.

  4. You know the saying is true...Want to make God laugh? Tell Him your Plans! I'm a December baby! But, it's at the very beginning of December. December 5th! My dad is a December baby too...his is the 12th, but his birth certificate says the 11th since they got him mixed up with another baby that was born in the same hospital.

  5. I am single not kids but my dad was born dec 21 and would have been 100 this year and brothers birthday is dec 16.
    I am a feb baby but as mum had lost her first child she was treated like royalty at her hospital.

  6. Jenny,
    My son was born Dec 16th! And I'm a Feb baby too, the 19th. What about you?

    And Jennifer, switched baby stories are always great!

    Merry Christmas!

  7. my birthday is the 26th 2 months tomorrow.

  8. Nope none of that happened in my family, but wouldn't it be nice to have a baby on Christmas, but that is way past my time. So I will just enjoy the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus



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