Monday, December 28, 2009

To fray or not to fray

Hello, it's Lenora Worth. Today I went to the office supply store. You all know how that goes. It's like a kid in a candy store. I usually go two or three times a year to replenish my office supplies but my annual after Christmas trip is always the most fun. That's because I get to pick out my day calendar for the next year. You'd think this would be so easy. Just go inside, grab a calendar and a few mailing envelopes and labels and other supplies and get on home. But no, I have to compare calendars for at least fifteen minutes before deciding if I want the typical day-timer that opens onto my desk (and do I want a refill for my ancient leather day-timer) or do I want a nice flat desk calendar with the whole month spread out before me? And do I want the plain black and white, less expensive calendar like the one my husband requested? ("Nothing over ten dollars, Lenora!") Or do I want the one with palm trees and beach scenes all year long? Or maybe I'd like the one with seashells shining brightly in the corner? Do I want the one that will fit perfectly on the little wobbly table by my desk or do I want a larger one I can put on the wall? Do I need space for notes in the margins or can I try to write in the lines underneath each day's date without making a mess? Such decisions are part of the fray of trying to get organized after the holidays. It's that time of limbo after the presents have been opened and you realize you don't have anywhere to put most of the nice gifts you received. It's that time between tattered ribbons and torn paper and a nice blank living room again. (Blank and a bit empty and sad without the tree and the lights and the poinsettia.) It's that one week of the year where we look back with a bit of regret. (Why didn't I ever lose that ten pounds?) Or we look forward with a bit of hope. (Yes, I will lose that ten pounds!) This is the week of the holding pattern while we wait to ring in the new year. But which calendar will help me to stay on track in all the frays of the days ahead? Well, I settled (finally) on the flat desk model (smaller version) with the seashells in the corner (and it was on sale for $9.99!) There is nothing like an empty calendar to tempt a girl into filling it with deadlines and commitments. Because even in the fray of going from festive and fabulous to sensible and scheduled, we all need some sort of guideline to keep us on track. I can't wait to open up my calendar and scribble all over it. It's perfect. A blank canvas is the first tool of an artist, after all. Happy 2010. Mark your calendars with a new beginning. I can't wait!


  1. Lenora, I'm a calendar junkie too! This year, for the wall, I bought the sensible red one, and for my desk, a month at a glance one. I don't have to worry about my purse calendar because I have a two years one and this is year two. I loved your line from festive and fabulous to sensible and scheduled... It sounded very QVC.

  2. Hahaha! I was so thinking I needed to go buy a desk calendar for myself to help me get organized before classes start up again at the univeristy. Too funny. And, you're so right about the new presents. I still haven't found places to put them up!

  3. Thanks, Pam. I try to sound very QVC, don't you know!! Now if I can just clear away the clutter to get the new calendar in place. Jennifer, if people gave us calendars for Christmas, we could at least have a place for them, right? I like to give them as gifts--just something about all those blank days waiting to be filled. Oops, here I go again, gushing about calendars. Once, my friend gave me a shoe calendar with a different shoe for each day. Talk about gushing!!!!