Friday, February 18, 2011

It's Ask Elnora Friday--Lenora Worth

Darlings, I'm so excited! Today we're trying something different. My alter ego, Elnora, loves to dole out advice (whether she knows what she's talking about or not.)
So each Friday, you can ask me anything. Anything within good taste, of course.

If I don't have the answer, my LI sisters here will help us out. I love to advise on fashion, food, family and of course, fiction. I've been around the block a few times and ... this ain't my first rodeo. But enough with the cliches. Let's have some fun!

I was supposed to send our wonderful Blog Boss a picture, but alas, I have had a giant zit on my left cheek right by my lip for a week now!! Horrors. I suggest our lovely Blog Boss just puts up a picture of a kicking pairs of shoes. Red for Valentine's day!

Now there's a good subject to start our fun. As Cinderella said, "One shoe can change a girl's life." Let's discuss. And please, ask me something!


  1. Why don't men understand this simple concept? Why do they not understand most of the simple concepts?

  2. Hi Elnora, so glad you joined us today. If one shoe can change a girl's life, what about those two red ones? I'm gonna have to get a pair! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I don't know about shoes changing a life. But perhaps a Cinderella moment is the same as in finding one's prince charming.
    I loved the movie Enchanted with its theme of believing that love is possible.

  4. Hi Elnora:

    There are no simple concepts only concepts that haven’t been well thought out yet.

    One shoe can change a woman’s life. Two shoes can change it back. And two boots can change Nancy Sinatra’s life. : )

    Fashion tip: If the shoe fits, that doesn’t mean you should wear it.

    Fiction question: Do heroines ever wonder how heroes learned to become such consummate lovers? : )


  5. I suppose the question is WHICH shoe can change a woman's life! Based on my dull ortho inserts, the answer is "not too many cute ones." So, Dear, Wise Elhora, which cute but comfortable shoes do you suggest?

  6. Hello precious people! Shoes. I do so love shoes. Comfortable and cute? I'd that an oxymoron? And did I spell that right? I suggest lovely ballet flats or a good pair of Cole Haans with Air Nike comfort. A slam dunk. And Vince, you brave man, the really smart men know not to get between a woman and a clearance sale in the shoe department. One shoe can change a girls life but even Cinderella knew no prince could transform her soul. It's not so much about the shoes as it is the journey. We walk within the light. As for why men can't understand thus concept-- that is the age old question. More on that later

  7. Well, here I go again. I tried earlier and I think Google ate my note. Kind of like saying the dog ate my homework, huh?

    And, while I was playing with my connections to y'all, dear Elnora answered my question about fashion vs. function. Believe me, if anyone understands women and shoes, it's her!


  8. I had a pair of black and white heels that made me feel extra special when I put them on. Of course, I wasn't going to be running any marathons. Such is the price of beauty.

  9. Yes, Leann, beauty comes with a price. When it comes to shoes, all the pain is beside the point. But shoe people have little tricks. We are very good friends with Dr. Scholls! Blister cream, bandages, footies, we try them all. I thinks shoes are a bit like artwork. Nice to look at and analyze. Art for the feet. And women loves shoes because no matter their shape or size, they can always find cute shoes. They are empowering!

    Elnora needs nutrition, so it's off to lunch and chocolate for dessert!

  10. Hmmmm, Elnora, you answered my question about what helps poor battered feet.

    What about spring shoes? What do you want to see in the shoe stores this spring. I see a lot of bone shoes out there. Bone colored that is....

    peace, Julie

  11. Julie, I typed a reply and it disappeared into the blogsphere! Let's try again. Bone or flesh-colored shoes elongate the leg, never a bad thing. Elnora shudders regarding peep toed boots. Seems like a cross between a sandal and a boot and that is confusing to me. No one likes conflicted shoes. I love gladiator sandals and I'm thrilled that kitten heeled pumps are back in full force. Much easier to maintain balance. I adore FitFlops--you can get your exercise wearing them around the mall. What more could a girl ask!

  12. Wow, ladies, I just found Lenora has made the New York Times bestsellers list with her February Love Inspired Suspense, # 33, Body of Evidence! Check it out:
    Praise the Lord! Not only is it a category romance, and Christian fiction, it's book two of a continuity series. A HUGE congratulations to you, Lenora!

  13. So Lenora, what shoes will you buy to celebrate this accomplishment?

  14. Yea!!! Lenora/Elnora on NYT list.
    Elnora does wear the best shoes.
    And I adore fitflops as well.
    Anyone tried the MBT shoes? or the knock off sketcher version?

  15. Celebration shoes. Well I have two pairs of red heels, a pair of red loafers and a pair of red cowboy boots that I've had for twenty years. Which pair should I wear for dinner with Big Daddy?? I've enjoyed discussing shoes with y'all today!

  16. Terri, I love the skechers. They really do work.

  17. Elnora... uh... with Photoshop, et al you can't use a zit as an excuse any more. Well, unless you don't trust the person you're sending your photo to.

    And tell Lenora - YEEEHAAAAWW!!! SQUEEEEE! Congrats on Body of Evidence!

    So happy for you/her. :D

    Anita Mae.

  18. I'm picturing a pair of shoes, holding a pencil, waering a wig, and with a big question mark in the sky LOL Good enough?

  19. Better than okay. Good idea. Anita Mae elnora doesn't have a clue on how to Photoshop anything. Shop yes. Photoshop no. But you are sweet to suggest that!!!

  20. Oh, I love flip flops! That's why I wasn't online to comment yesterday. I was shopping. Found two really cute pairs of flops at Old Navy! One with bling and one with a puff that looks kind of like a flower.

    Congrats on the NYT's list!!!!