Monday, February 7, 2011

Chapter Four by Leann Harris

The open dining area on the beach came off the main restaurant from the hotel. Colin held out the chair for Amelia then took the chair beside her. The breeze smell of the ocean and softly caressed Amelia’s face.

“Look at that moon,” Colin said. “It’s almost so close you could touch it.”

Amelia felt like she was in a beautiful dream with a handsome man laughing with her. “It looks so much bigger over the water.”

“You’re a romantic,” Colin teased.

Her heart light, Amelia realized that she was enjoying herself. There was an instant of guilt, but she knew she’d loved her husband with all her heart. And now her heart and spirit were attracted to this man who knew the same kind of grief. “Andrew used to say I had a streak of romance in me a mile wide. I just haven’t seen it in a long time.” She toyed with her water glass.

Colin placed his hand over hers. He didn’t say anything, but she saw in his eyes he understood her sorrow and the new world that was unfolding. “You’ve got a great smile.”

“You don’t have a bad one yourself."

He laughed. “It’s been a while since anyone told me that.”

“Then we can start smiling together,” Amelia added.

“You’ve got yourself a deal.”

The waiter came and took their order. As Colin told her about his woodworking business, and how he’d turned his hobby into a thriving business of unique pieces of furniture for homes throughout North and South Caroline, Amelia found herself enchanted by the man. He asked about her family and she told him of her children and their adventures. He told her about his son.

As they were finishing their steaks and lobsters, a young couple walked up to the restaurant from the beach. “I so sorry, Darrel. I’ve looked in my beach tote and couldn’t find the ring. “

Darrel wrapped her in his arms. “I know, Christy. I shouldn’t have suggested you take off the engagement ring. I was afraid you might lose it in the waves.”
Christy cried harder. “It was your grandmother’s.”

Amelia looked at Colin.

He stood and walked over to the couple. “Excuse me. I couldn’t help but overhear. Could you describe the ring to me?”

“Why?” Christy asked.

“Because I think God might have sent an answer to your prayers.”


  1. Hi Missy:

    What if they are not the owners? What if…


  2. Ooh, Margaret is tomorrow. We'll have to see what she does... :)

  3. Good job Leann. I think Vince might be onto something. What if they give the ring to the wrong couple?!!!'

  4. Interesting. I don't even know what I'm going to do.

  5. Well, it might be the wrong couple, but I was thinking that Colin's actions endeared him to Amelia.


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