Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine Vacation-Chapter Five by Margaret Daley

"You found the ring?" Christy grinned and cupped Darrel's hand. "He just gave it to me two nights ago. We've been dating for two years."

Colin gestured for Amelia to come over to the couple's table near theirs. "I hope so. Can you describe it?" He took hold of her hand and hid the ring from the young couple's view.

"Oh, it's the most beautiful ring in the world. It's Darrel's grandmother's engagement ring. She was born in July. The birthstone for July is a ruby. The center of ring is a large ruby with diamonds around it. Is that the one you found?"

The expectant look on the young woman's face broke Amelia's heart. She wished she could say yes and give it back to her. Slipping her hand from Colin's, she showed Christy the ring they found--a large solitaire diamond. Disappointment marked both of their expressions.

"That isn't it. It's beautiful but hopefully someone will find my engagement ring." Christy's eyes misted with tears.

Amelia remembered when Andrew had given her engagement ring to her and how she had floated around for weeks. He had saved for it for months and was so proud of it. She fingered her wedding ring with the small solitaire diamond in a matching band. "I'm so sorry this one isn't yours. Keep looking. I'll pray that you find yours."

As Amelia and Colin made their way back to their table, the waiter approached, and Colin ordered two pieces of key lime pie. "They have the best pie in town here. A local specialty."

"Hmm. I've never had key lime pie. I'm game to try something new. My children insisted on me doing something new every day on this vacation."

"Maybe I can help you with that tomorrow. I have a feeling you've never done what I have in mind."


"My lips are sealed. You'll have to wait until tomorrow morning to find out."

When he said the word, lips, Amelia's gaze riveted to his mouth--full, with a dimple to the left of it when he smiled. She blinked and pulled her attention away from him. It landed on the young couple, the man comforting the crying woman.

"Do you think we can find the real owner of this ring?" She lifted her right hand and stared at the lost engagement ring. Some woman out there was missing it tonight.


  1. We get to keep the suspense going a little longer! I can't wait to see how the next installments go. :)

    Nice chapter, Margaret! I think I feel a kiss coming soon. Just like in the scenes I'll be writing on my own book today. Fun!

  2. OMG!

    When I was a kid that was called kicking a can down the road.

    Do I smell a reality TV show in here somewhere?


  3. Wonderful story so far.

  4. I like it, Margaret. And what surprise does Colin have for Amelia?

  5. How many chapters more?
    You're killing me :). Now the ring added curiosity so I'm a desesperate woman ;).
    I think this is my punish for always reading the end of the books first. I swear that if it was a book, I'd be running to urcase it LOL
    Thank you for giving us this Valentine Treat.

  6. How funny, Teresa!! :) I can't believe you read the end of stories first! I've said before that I think surely it must be illegal. :) :)

    Maybe this'll help you learn to wait. ;)

    Thanks for reading! The last installment will be Friday...if you can wait that long. haha

  7. This is so good. A lost ring? A surprise? And key lime pie! What else can happen. I like that she's supposed to try new things on this trip. Her children must really love her!

  8. Teresa, don't tell anyone but I read the ends of books sometimes, too. That will be our secret.

  9. Oh my goodness. Call the book police! ;)

  10. Two people missing their engagement rings!! Those poor girls. I can't wait to see what Colin has planned for tomorrow.

  11. Oh no, it's not illegal. I checked ;)... just don't go tell "my" writers about it :D... of course I promiss not to do so with your "Family for Faith" ;).

    It's compulsive in fact... and annoying I know. I have a friend that dreams to be rich just to rip all last pages from books in libraries and book shops because she hates this on me but never managed convincing me not to LOL. I hope she never gets THAT rich. I really treasure her friendship and my ways of reading.

    It's quite weird - I start the book, get to know the characters, then I move some dozen pages and have a look, then I return to the point I was but nearing the end I REALLY have to read those 3/4 last pages.

    Sorry! Lots of nuts in the net I guess :).

    Friday I'll be here first thing in the morning - you're morning - why does day starts earlier here in Portugal? It's not fair :D

  12. LOL, Teresa. I guess that way you know for sure there is a happy ending. And you find out a bit of what's going to happen, giving you something to look forward to. So, hey, if it works for you, then go for it!! :)


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