Friday, February 25, 2011

Ask Elnora--Lenora Worth and Steven Tyler????

Two things to chat about today, darlings. American Idol and Dieting.

Or rather, dieting while watching American Idol. Sigh, Elnora loves a good bad boy and Steven Tyler surely fits that role. Is it just me, or did he soften just a bit as the auditions went by? Maybe seeing all that singing angst will give him a new perspective?

Dieting is hard while watching such an exciting, nail-biting show. And having Big Daddy (my husband) sitting nearby with peanuts, popcorn and Cracker Jacks to tempt me doesn't help. I allowed myself one bit of chocolate. But my five major food groups don't make for healthy dieting. They are--coffee, chocolate, cheesecake, hot chocolate and cheese puffs. A girl just can't have too many cheese puffs.

So let's discuss. Ask me questions about diets. I've tried them all. Ask me questions about bad boys. I've tamed a few.(In my books anyway.)

Which do you like better? Chocolate or bad boys?


  1. Hmmm. I'm going with chocolate. Chocolate doesn't break your heart until you step on a scale, which is why I don't own one. Ever notice how diet has the word die in there? Nothing like calling it like it is. It's just not humanly possible for me to quit eating the things I like. I just have to watch it, because if I don't I'll spill it all over me:) Thanks for posting and adding a bit of humor to my Friday morning.

  2. You are so right ther, Kim. And why is it that the best tasting food is also the worst possible for our diets? I'm a Southern girl. We like to eat. Elnora can eat a chicken leg with one dainty pinky in the air. And sop cornbread in gravy while wearing pearls. It's a constant challenge, love and chocolate. But yes, chocolate is pleasing in so many ways. And with a box of chocolate, we have so many choices. I like that. There is a Swiss proverb that states "Marriage is a covered dish." Like chocolate, love is full of surprises. I know more questions are lurking out there??

  3. Hi Lenora!

    You don't look like you need to diet. :)

    I'm all about the chocolate too but I confess those bad boys are right up there with the chocolate. Love reading about them while munching on the new (to me) Milky Way Simply Caramel.

    Have you tried the new Weight Watcher's Points Plus program? I'm doing it now and I can eat my chocolate too :D

  4. Funny you should mention Weight Watchers, Rhonda. I've actually been nibbling at that for the past month or so. Elnora is not happy about her middle-aged middle. I have to say, I love the Points Plus system. It allows a girl to munch on her favorite foods without overdoing it. It trains one on how to avoid temptations. About those bad boys, darlings. Do we find them in Christian fiction? And if so, how do we as writers show the good in them? This question calls for more chocolate I think!

  5. I've written redeemed bad boys. Does that count? And don't get me started on chocolate!

  6. Bad boys can make you eat - chocolate or anything else. I'm the kind of person who was raised with the notion that an Oreo would make it all better. Okay, sometimes it took 2 - and a glass of milk. :)


  7. I'm not sure that this is the right day for me to "weigh in" on your discussion. Lenora knows that I've been watching my diet for 25 years or so, which means that I eat anything I want, but in small portions. We always have chocolate in the house, but 2 pieces of candy a day is enough for me. My husband and I never eat anything after our evening meal, which means no food from 5:30 p.m. until 6:00 the next morning. BUT it helps when both the husband and wife follow the same diet. It takes "will power," ladies. Hey, I thought Lenora is the one to give advice today. Sorry!
    Irene Brand

  8. Irene, you made it. We need to hear your sage advice, too. Elnora is always in trouble, so Irene has to watch over her shoulder and gently remind her sometimes. Irene, you are definitely a role model to Elnora. But ... not eating after 6 PM. Oh, must work on that one for sure!

  9. Elnora, can you please advise us on the very best diet plan you've ever used?

    And your favorite bad boy hero in a movie or book?

  10. Hi, Linda. Elnora loves Weight Watchers PointsPlus. If you have an I-Phone, you can get the app. It's fun to add the points and scroll through food and recipes. Like a game and never boring. Plus, you can eat normal food. Elnora doesn't do tofu. Other diets I'll never try again--the cabbage soup diet. Shudder. The all juice diet--I need protein!

    Bad boys in movies? Hmmm. I love Colin Farrell. That dark Irish attitude. Timothy Dalton. And Daniel Craig. Love James Bond types!!

    So sorry I was late answering. I had a nice latte with Judy Christie at Starbucks. We sat in the sun--it was glorious. Now off to dinner with Big Daddy.

    I've enjoyed chatting today. Hope to see all of you back here next Friday. And bring questions, my darlings!

  11. Girl! Colin Farrel has inspired more of my heroes than any other bad boy. LOVE that naughty boy.

    Oh and I'm with you. I tried Dolly Pardon's cabbage soup diet once. Love Dolly. Hated her soup. lol

  12. How about bad boys dipped in chocolate? Oops, too risque? Sorry about that. Loved reading through the discussion!


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