Saturday, February 26, 2011


After giving up a high-powered corporate job, mom-to-be Kelsey Anderson decides to follow her dream. She moves to her late grandmother's lake house and decides to open a quilting shop in town. Then former army doctor Luke Turner moves in next door. The war-weary man stirs feelings in Kelsey that soon make her rethink all her plans. But she has some hard decisions to make, and worries if Luke will ever accept her and her baby. Kelsey must come to terms with the past, and trust there's a future with Luke in God's plan…


  1. Hi Irene:

    I’ve been reading posts about character names and I just have to ask you this: did you name the hero Luke because he is a physician and Turner because he is going to turn the heroine’s life around? And is the baby’s name Grace?

    BTW: I love the “Child of Grace” cover. I bought “The Hero Next Door” and “Tides of Hope” because I really like stories set in resort areas near water. I very much enjoyed reading “The Hero Next Door” but it seems a lot like the plot of “Child of Grace”. This has me wondering how the stories differ.


  2. Vince,
    Irene had trouble responding so here's what she sent to me.

    Hi, Vince. Sorry I had to pass this response through someone else. I
    couldn't get into the comments section of the site.

    To answer your question about Luke's name--wow, you saw a lot more in it
    than I did. Then again, maybe my choice was subliminal! And yes, Grace is
    the baby's name.

    I don't think you'll find many similarities between Child of Grace and The
    Hero Next Door. The stories and plots are very, very different. I'd love
    to hear what you think after you read Child of Grace! Thanks for


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