Tuesday, February 1, 2011


11:40 pm:  Today is my day to post, and I'm coming in just under the wire.  What a day it has been!  I finished and sent off a book manuscript this morning, while keeping an eye on our serious weather reports.  We are in the midst of a blizzard, with winds up to 50 mph and what looks like around sixteen inches of snow so far--though lots more is coming.  My husband and I cleaned the horse barn, brought the horses in early and bedded them down--with extra blankets for the old guy is a grand old thirty-five years old.  He looks like Methuselah,  and if horses can look happy, he sure did, once he was snuggled into his jammies!  Listening to the wind howl as I type this, I know our  gravel country road will be drifted impossibly high, and we won't be going anywhere until the county plow comes through..possibly  for days.  I'm so happy that I have lots of good books to read (especially the newest Love Inspired novels!!) and a nice warm fireplace.

I hope you all are warm and cozy tonight, wherever you are.  And if you are some sunny place  instead of in this massive Midwestern blizzard,  enjoy! 

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  1. Roxanne, I'm glad you were able to get out to mail your book!! Now you can relax and snuggle in for the long haul.

    Loved the image of your horse! :)


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