Thursday, February 17, 2011


You may recall that I’m in wedding planning mode for my daughter. Valentine’s Day provided LOTS of opportunities for me to look at various chocolate goodies I can possibly serve during the reception in June. Chocolate with butter cream fillings, topped with luscious berries, cake, petit fours, you name it and I was looking at it. (But not tasting too much as I’m on a diet so I can fit in my Mother of the Bride dress…but that’s another story.)

I came up with this confection…a chocolate shell filled with a creamy pudding and topped with raspberries, my daughter’s favorite. Her grandmother (my mom) bottles raspberry/peach jam every year and gives a case of it to my daughter for Christmas. That’s how much my daughter loves this jam. It’s one of her gifts under the tree. So I was also thinking about mini-cheesecakes topped with this jam and one fresh raspberry. Pretty and tasty.

In my new book titled The Forest Ranger’s Promise being released in May, the little girls enjoy summer ice cream cones. That was another thought I had for the reception, but I fear June 17th might be hot enough to melt the cake and all the desserts.

What do you think? Do you have a favorite decadent dessert that might work well for a summer wedding reception out in our back yard? We’re open to ideas at this point. Mmm. All this talk about chocolate is making me hungry. :) Happy Eating! Leigh Bale


  1. You know, for those of us on diets, this blog is really cruel LOL. I want some of the raspberry jam, btw.

  2. I know what you mean, Pamela. I'm sorry to tempt you. I've been making petit fours for the reception, to see if I could make them ahead of time without them drying out. You really can't freeze them once you've put the fondant icing on. And they are labor intensive, but my favorite. Wow! And I'm blogging at lunchtime where I live. So I'm hungry. Guess I'm a masochist. :)

  3. Leigh, it seems like cheescake might hold up well. you could make a raspberry sauce.

    It's dinner time here, so now I'm starving! :)

  4. Make that cheesecake. I don't have my font big enough. LOL

  5. Looks good. I love chocolate and raspberry together. Yum!

  6. Leigh, that sounds so good. I'm trying to diet, too. I love wedding cake.

    I suggest White Chocolate Amaretto Wedding cake. Yummy.

    Okay now I'm hungry.


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