Monday, February 14, 2011

Chocolate: Too Much Can't Be Bad

Pamela Tracy here, writing about two of her favorite things: chocolate and books! Below is a picture of a chocolate book. Underneath that, is a quiz about romance books and chocolate. I hope you enjoy both!

1) Close your eyes and imagine you're in your favorite place. Where are you?

[] Comfy chair in your living room, a Love Inspired romance in one hand, a box of chocolates on the table.

[] Restaurant, alone, hot fudge sundae in front of you, a Love Inspired romance in one hand, a spoon in the other.

[] Leaning against a tree in a part, husband or favorite person's head is in your lap, a Love Inspired romance is in one hand, the other is gently wisping through your favorite person's hair, you're chewing a piece of chocolate.

2) What is your favorite thing?

[] Travel, packing both chocolate and a Love Inspired romance

[] Exercise, promising yourself a reward of chocolate and quality reading time of a Love Inspired Romance

[] Spending time with family, passing out the chocolates and reading aloud certain passages from a Love Inspired romance (okay, this one was a stretch!)

3) When do you get your strongest chocolate and reading a Love Inspired romance cravings?

[] Lunch

[] Right after dinner

[] Late evening

[] You're kidding, I have to narrow it to a time?

4) Why do you like chocolates and Love Inspired romances?

[] They energize me

[] For escape

[] They're good for you

5) How much chocolate eating and Love Inspired romance reading can you do in one day?

[] I can eat a whole box/read a whole book

[] I can eat half a box/read half a book

[] I eat and read in brief periods
6) Women eat more chocolate and read more Love Inspired romance books than men?

[] true

[] false

7) How many pounds of chocolate does the average American eat and many pounds of Love Inspired books does the average American read?

[] 8.5

[] 12

[] 18

{] 26

8. Kojac loves both chocolate and Love Inspired romances
[] true

[] false

9. During Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, one of the Oompa Loompas could be seen reading a Love Inspired romance

[] true
[] false

10. This quiz has made me both hungry and made me want to go read a Love Inspired romance

[] true

[] false

See, it's true. Too much chocolate, when combined with too much reading, can't be all bad.

I'll post the answer to number 7 later tonight. In the meantime, have fun nibbling on chocolate and getting lost in a Love Inspired romance.


  1. Oh, I like your quiz. I bought cake balls to celebrated. Does that count?

  2. As long as they were chocolate cake balls!

  3. Too funny. Loved the quiz. Now where's my chocolate and LI? Happy Valentine's Day.

  4. Chocolate is flowing in this house. My husband bought some Valentine's candy for my daughters!

  5. Kim, I haven't opened my Valentine gifts yet, and I'm sure chocolate is there. I'll share with you.


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