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Part-time college student and full-time single mom Jessica Bowman returns to Alabama to raise her little boy, Nathan, in the only home she's ever known. The last person she expects to see is Chad Martin, her first love. He doesn't know that Jessica's been keeping a secret from him. What he does know is that he never stopped loving her. But Jessica realizes that her silence stands in the way of their reunion. If she takes a leap of faith and reveals the truth, will she find that love and forgiveness are the sweetest Valentine gifts of all?


  1. This book sounds interesting.

  2. Hi Renee:

    I just love ‘hidden child’ theme romances, however, so far it hasn’t happen to me. But I do wonder this: since the most anticipated event in the book, at least from my POV, is the scene when the hero learns the child is his, do you write this scene first and keep working on it – or do you write it in the order it appears in the story?


  3. Vince,
    I've tagged Renee so she knows you have a direct question. Check back later for an answer.

  4. Hi Vince,
    I always write in chronological order. I know some authors who will write different scenes throughout the story (one who even writes the ending first), but I've never been able to pull that off :) I see the story like a movie and write it exactly as I see it, even if I do know the final outcome from the get-go.

  5. Thanks, Tarenn98. I really enjoyed writing Chad and Jessica's story!

  6. Hey, Kelley!! So glad to see you!

    I also write in order. Couldn't jump ahead if I had to! Although I can plan scenes ahead. Just can't write them. :)

  7. Hey Missy,
    I've often wondered what the percentage is of writers who go start-to-finish versus those who hop around the scenes.

    I remember hearing a NYT Bestseller talking about writing chronologically because she was still figuring out so much of the story as she wrote. She said that her critique partner called her once and said, "I just love the villain in this book." And she answered, "Well, don't get too attached. I don't think he did it." :)

  8. I always write in order, although sometimes I do know the ending and itch to write it.


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